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How many women would voluntarily sit down on a cold, dirty toilet seat to pee if presented with the alternative of using an apparatus such as a man's "handy dispenser"?

Asked by ibstubro (18773points) January 8th, 2016

I frequently see women advocate for men to sit down when they urinate because it’s so much neater.
But, honestly, I wonder how many women would volunteer to sit down in public restroom if they didn’t have to. How many would still choose to hover (a messy proposition in itself), if point and shoot was a viable alternative.

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There have been plenty of devices to help women stand-up-to-pee on the market for years. They haven’t seem to have taken the world by storm, I don;t know of any women that have used one, even when backpacking in the wilderness or on road trips with only gas station bathrooms.

So to answer your question: “Slim to none.”

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Not the question, @zenvelo.
If women were quipped with squirters instead of drizzlers, would they still advocate sitting to pee?

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@zenvelo, I’ve used of those stand up and pee funnels when my partner and I were out in the bush. Clean and easy.

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There are a lot of women that suggest men should sit down to pee because it’s neater.
But how many women would voluntarily sit on a cold, nasty public toilet seat if they didn’t have to?
Is a man ignoring the fact that he comes equipped with a handy dispenser a realistic expectation?

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@ibstubro I answered exactly your question: …if presented with the alternative of using an apparatus…”

And really, I may not be in your social milieu, but I am not hearing women advocate that men sit down to pee. I hear more complaints from women and janitors that too many women hover rather than sit and pee all over the toilet seat.

The recent thread about opting to install a urinal in homes did not have an outcry from women jellies sating men should sit to pee.

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I don’t care who puts it there – a hoverer or a squirter – the only thing I object to is pee on the seat. Get rid of that and you can pee standing on your head for all I care.

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I would say a lot of woman would love to be able to stand and relieve themselves the way us men get to do as my wife is constantly telling me how disgusting public women’s rest rooms are. Men’s rest rooms are not a pillar of cleanliness by any measure but I am sure I would call them disgusting too if I had to sit and pee.

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@janbb says what I think too. Pee on the seat and the lid left up are my – ahem – peeves. Apart from that I don’t care what you do in there!

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Ah, now @Stinley, you were formerly a staunch advocate for men sitting! lol
I was somewhat thinking of you when I wrote the Q.

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@ibstubro I do think that toilets are designed for sitting so if men realised that then they would sit. But I am always a reasonable person and as long as you don’t pee on the seat or leave it up then I accept your human right to a private life!

Back to the original question. I presume the “she wee” in a dirty toilet is hygienic by design. But can I trust that when it means I am using it much closer to my privates than sitting on a toilet ? I think I’m probably in the minority but I don’t really care about germs on my backside. If a toilet is visibly dirty then I will wipe it or hover but if I can’t see anything I’ll just sit down. I am a bit embarrassed doing outdoor wees but have just about convinced myself that no one cares. If I saw someone in the distance squatting, I wouldn’t care or judge them, so I reason that they wouldn’t if they saw me.

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@Stinley I’ve never gotten sick from sitting on a toilet seat either. I’m like you – if it’s dirty, I’ll either wipe it or choose another stall; otherwise I don’t worry. What pisses me off (so to speak) is either people who hover and leave pee on the seat, or those who put down paper to protect their precious tushies and then leave it there for me to find!

As for toilet seat up, I’ve solved that problem by living alone.

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We guys realize that toilets are made for sitting, @Stinley. I have always hated sitting to pee, but lately I’ve been giving it a try – partially because of your admonition on another question.

The other morning, I got up, sat on the cold toilet seat, peed, and went to the computer to write this question.

I wasn’t advocating a ‘she wee’ device. I was saying that if women realized the convenience and freedom of having a built in ‘handy dispenser’ they wouldn’t question men standing to pee.

Do you imagine that having pee on the toilet is any less annoying for me than you? As to the toilet seat, I’m an advocate for everyone putting down both the seat and the lid. Why else is the lid there?

Otherwise, I’m in your camp, @Stinley & @janbb. I’m not concerned about germs on the toilet, just filth or moisture of any kind.

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Maybe we would change the design of toilets if we all stood to pee. Maybe we should do that anyway. Shall we come up with a design together and make our fortune?

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Build a better pee trap, and the world will beat a path to your loo?

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Is that your slogan? I think I will be in charge of marketing…

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But I think someone has beaten us to it

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Pardon me if I decline to dangle my worm around that thing!

“Loo”, of course, would be for the UK market.

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