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As a developer, would you rather work for marketing or IT?

Asked by ketoneus (1169points) July 24th, 2008

Or in another department?

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Doesn’t it depend on what kind of developing you do?

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@Marina Perhaps. I just wondered if the working environment, processes, procedures, etc. were preferable in one department over another. I’d love to hear from people working in both.

Full disclosure: I’m not a developer, but I work in marketing on the web team.

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I can tell you that at software development companies I worked for (usually in Marketing) the developers in IT got better perks and toys.

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If the company has a business processes and systems dept. that’s the place to be!

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Marketing. I am REALLY good at lying and making people want stuff they don’t want.

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Depnds on:
1. What you can learn
2. People (coworkers and customers)
3. $
4. Stability
Not necessarily in that order

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I have to say, as someone who manages both creatives and a helpdesk every day, there’s a lot of overlap between these now. Marketing, especially comprehensive programs that mix off- and online components, makes huge use of programmers, data analysts and system support people. I house my design staff and my system analysts in the same offices, and they get along very nicely.

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I do interactive development for a marketing firm but I am in the web & development department which is rather autonomous and I would probably run screaming if I was anywhere else (department-wise). Marketing is kind of slippery, so to speak, and I try to keep my distance from it.

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I enjoy marketing so that would be my first choice

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