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Since Social Security is a Federal program, can I get help from a Social Security office in another state?

Asked by Yellowdog (11165points) January 8th, 2016

I live in Tennessee but near the Mississippi border. I need to consult someone at the Social Security office regarding my disability check. I have a friend in Mississippi who also needs to attend matters at the Social Security office and has no car.

Should I consider us both going to the Social Security office together in her state to save a trip? Can Social Security matters be dealt with across state lines?

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Yes. And you can also call their toll free line.

If you’re going in person be prepared for a long wait unless you get there just before the doors open.

Every time ive gone its been jam packed.

If it were me, i would call first to see what its necessary to bring with you. Nothing worse than all that waiting and finding out you should have brought xxxxx(piece of paperwork)

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Yes. You can go anywhere. but….
First try to do it over the phone. You will likely be “on hold” for a while but if you attempt it in person you might end up sitting in the waiting area for hours.
You can also do a lot online. Consider that option as well.

Here’s an interesting social observation. I went to the office to pick up a form for someone. While there I was noticing the other people in the large waiting room. Like te DMV there are multiple lines (if I recall correctly) A line was for quick stuff, in-out , B were for other and C was something else.
Of course I have no empirical data My information is observational only But every single person in that room was overweight – by a lot. I’m guessing almost all, if not all, of the individuals were collecting disability since odds are pretty small a person would go that office to PAY SS. Also :“retirement ” SS is quickly done by phone or online. For the entire time I was waiting, there was a continuous large group of people standing outside smoking. (In NY cigs are over $9 per pack.)
I could not help but wonder how many people there would still be disabled if they exercised, even a little, ate a little less, and quit smoking. I worry that the US might not be able to afford taking care of so many people. – especially those who do not help themselves.

If you go, please observe as well and tell me if you see the same thing.

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I needed to apply for survivor benefits a few years ago and went to a local office. They told me to call on the phone to apply. When I called, I found out visiting the office wasn’t necessary. I did the whole thing on the phone. Take @LuckyGuy‘s advice and try calling first.

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Yes, any Social Security office in any state is fine. It doesn’t have to be the state you reside in. Generally speaking you simply go to the SS office that’s closest to you, regardless of what state it is.

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