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Moving photos out/uploading outside of iPhoto?

Asked by Moca417 (1points) July 18th, 2007

I have a MacBook and have learned to really hate iPhoto.

I can't stand its folder organization, and recently it completely renamed and trashed hundreds of photos, forcing me to pay $80 to download a file salvage program just to get them back.

I'm looking into alternatives to the program, but in the meantime I really want to make copies of my photos for storage. I don't want to have to deal with sorting through all of the iPhoto folders, I just want my photos, period.

Is there an easy way to get them out of that program and save them in normal photos on the HD? And is there a way to upload my photos to my computer without using iPhoto at all?

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I can't stand iPhoto. I use Adobe Aperture almost exclusively for organizing and uploading photos.

My iPhoto-photos live in "Pictures > iPhoto Library > ...and then either Data, Modified, or Originals" depending on what you've done to them. If you go to the folder marked "Originals", select it by clicking once, and in the search box type ".jpg" it should give you all of your photos.

You should then be able to select them, hold the option key down, and drag them to whatever folder you wish (copying them). Hope this helps (and makes sense?). Good luck!

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I've been hearing good things about Aperture, so I'll be sure to check it out.

As for moving the photos, I've found that some photos are in the "modified" folder that are not in "originals" and vice versa. Just another total frustration with the program. Is that normal? If so, is there a way to make sure all of my photos make it out of iPhoto without having to check one by one?

Thanks so much for your help so far!

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Sure just go one level up, and repeat the process I described... should find all your .JPG's from all folders in your iPhoto Library (without all the fishing). There will be duplicates, but they will be safe and sound at least.

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Image Capture can import photos from a camera or card. I back up my 15,000 photos on Flickr. I purchased a Pro account for $2 a month for two years. There are no limitations. Yahoo keeps them safe and secure.

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Zooomr is a Flickr competitor that has free pro accounts:

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google's picasa does the trick for me

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I user Aperture; but it is an Apple product not Adobe as stated in the first reply.

Don't let iPhoto manage your folders; uncheck the add to iPhoto library under the advanced preference pane.

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@glial - Whoops, you're right. Graphic designer typo. ;)

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Apple Aperture doesn't do the funky file mgmt that I-apps are plagued with

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I photo is driving me crazy! All the photos in my library will now only open in preview. I cannot actually get the jpeg in order to print or anything else. Can anyone help me? I would love to find another program. Are you all still recommending aperture?

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