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Is there a practical application for silicone bakeware, or is it just another fad?

Asked by ibstubro (18717points) January 12th, 2016

I have a business that deals in re-sale, so I’ve had opportunity to try all kinds of silicone bakeware and I really just don’t ‘get’ it.

Silicone sags when it gets hot.
I was excited to try a silicone baking sheet bordered in heavy gauge steel. It sagged.

Silicone stains.
I thought silicone was going to be stain free. Nope. Much of it stained on first use.

Silicone allows easy release from pans.
I didn’t see a lot of difference in the ease of release, but the fact that the silicone was floppy rather than rigid seemed to increase the likelihood of breaking chunks off unmolding.

Some non-baking silicone products I’ve tried include a spatter screen with metal rim and a black, 3 piece steamer for the microwave.

What’s your experience?

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