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How long does it take to prepeare and cook mung beans and how healthy are they?

Asked by flo (12974points) January 13th, 2016

1)I mean do you have to soak them overnight?

2)And are they like kidney beans do they take forever to cook etc.?

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Mung beans are touted as a super food as they are jam packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and proteins. Yes they are like kidney beans and dry beans need to soak overnight and be cooked prior to preparing a recipe. They are a staple in Indian food and make tasty soups, stews, bean salads, dal etc.

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The only way I have ever used them has been for sprouting and adding to salads etc. rather than cooking.

In addition to India, they are also a staple in Chinese cooking. Have you ever ordered Lo Men or Egg Foo Yung?

Those sprouts they use are from mung beans. It’s extremely simple (and healtgy ) to sprout them. All you need is Mason jars, water and a few days rinsing.

They were real big with vegetarian hippie communes back in the day :)

I’ll bet they were served by “Wavy Gravy” and his crew at Woodstock.

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Good to know. How long do you suppose they would take to cook?

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