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"Safe Haven" laws: good or promoting secrecy and usurping parental rights?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) July 24th, 2008

Many states have started to enact “Safe Haven” laws that decriminalize the act of child abandonment if the mother leaves an infant (and in some cases a child up to the age of 18) in a place designated as a “Safe Haven.” Some states designate hospitals, others designate police or fire stations. Do these laws promote better decision making on the part of the mother who is not ready to parent? Do they take parental action from parents whose teenage daughter might be facing an unwanted pregnancy?

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Face it, not all families are warm, nurturing, reasonable, open, etc. In an ideal world, sure parents should have knowledge of what their children are doing, but in reality its not always the best idea. This is why I disagree with parental notification for minors seeking abortions as well. Fact is, you can’t always trust relatives. (This is different than family, in my opinion.)

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The Safe Haven laws are saving lives.

It is now less common to hear of babies in trash cans or alleys. While there are still isolated reports overall the laws have allowed a connection and an anonymous way to
do the right thing- allow an unwanted infant a life with a family who wants them.

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Like it or not, we need Safe Haven laws. I think these laws offer a viable option to girls who are too terrified to confide in anyone about their situation and don’t see any other way out.

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