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Will Celine Dion miss René Angélil more than most widows(ers)?

Asked by msh (4262points) January 14th, 2016 from iPhone

They met when she was 12. He helped to create ’‘Celine Dion”, the star, later the wife. She is now a 47 year old Mother of 3 children. He became ill in 1998, and passed away today.
Because she was only 12 when they met, will she experience more grief than a couple who met and married later in life at an older age?

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How could anyone possibly know the answer to that?

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I really got to agree with @Adagio on this one.

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Who knows? On the one hand, he was her whole life, from her singing to dress,to how she presents herself.

On the other hand, he has been sick for 18 years. She may have processed her grief a long time ago.

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@Adagio @SQUEEKY2
I am not asking for facts. Reread it.
It is a “what do YOU think?” question.
An opinion.
Do you have one?
Or are you speaking without one?
Discussion. Thoughts. Ideas. In relation to…
But then, oh- is that an opinion also?

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I think it’s entirely subjective, but that missing someone in my experience tends to have mostly to do with how much & often I liked their company when they were around, and how much I was looking forward to more of that (or not).

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So depth not time @Zaku?

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He was 53 when he and Celine married and had already had a heart attack.
When they had been married only 4 years, he was first diagnosed with throat cancer.
11 years in, he had heart surgery again, and 4 years later the throat cancer was back.
4 months before his death, it was announced that the cancer was terminal.
He died at age 73.

Although a tragedy, it appears she had a pretty good understanding of his mortality.
She has teen aged boys to contend with, plenty of financial support and her career to keep her from dwelling on his death.

While hard on anyone, I’d say she has every advantage over most women widowed at a relatively early age.

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Why would you want to compare grief? It’s not a contest.

I see my father suffer daily from the loss of my mother just two years ago. They were married for 45 years. I can’t imagine wondering if it’s worse for Celine.

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If it’s what you want then I think it’s worse for my 80 year old father. At least Celine has children in her home. My dad is all alone hoping someone calls or visits and often goes days or longer without contact from family.

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Grief isn’t something that can be quantified, and you sure as shit can’t give any kind of substantive opinion about who grieves their spouse more than anyone else.

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Did you see a contest? No! People love. More of a
Question of Length of relationship – more intensity because of the long-time association?
@ibstubro- they were together- non marriage waaaay before marriage.
They were exclusively in each other’s company since she starting out on her career at 12. She has literally grown up in his presence 33 years.
Twelve- no wisdom teeth. Puberty yet? No prom, driving class, all youth experiences?
Yes, he has been ill. But still managing her career until recently.
Age 12— a kid onward- Not someone who grew up and lived enough to mature (hopefully) and then choose a partner.

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Yes, Celine Dion has more grief units than most widows… because she’s famous. She is better than most people and therefore in the cosmic grief calculus, she gets more tokens. This question is about as vapid as my response…

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Aahhh @gorillapaws, such sweet condescension falling from your lips.
I will treasure it forever.
Well, that and some coupons from the grocery I just found…

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Sorry, @msh, but you asked for a comparative and that’s what people are giving you, but it seems that because no one is saying “Yes! She suffers more!” you are not satisfied.
My opinion is that she suffers more than some, less than others, just like everything else.
We can really have no idea as most of her relationship has been played out on a public stage, and therefore is suspect.

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Impossible to know. I agree with @dammitjanetfromvegas At least she is occupied with her children. Also, she has no money concerns regarding caring for herself or her children. I don’t mean people mourn more for breadwinners, I only mean she doesn’t have financial stress to make her grief more complicated.

She ways seemed very in love with him, but who knows. We aren’t in her head. We don’t know a of the mourning she already has processed knowing he was very ill.

She does have a full life without him. That should help, but still loss is loss. I wouldn’t venture to guess how painful it is for her, or how long it will take her to not wake up and expect to see him. If be inconsolable if my husband died for a long time.

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Dion, 47, told USA TODAY in August, after months of caring for her dying husband, that she promised him she’d be there until the end, to support “the only boyfriend I’ve ever had.”
Her husband’s death culminates a remarkable openness by Dion about Angélil’s struggles and her response to living with and facing the inevitable end.
“And René says to me, ‘I want to die in your arms.’ OK, fine, I’ll be there, you’ll die in my arms,” she said in an emotionally intense interview just before returning to the Strip for another extended run on her Vegas residency.
Dion cancelled her shows at The Colosseum this weekend but is scheduled to be back as planned on Feb 23, according to Caesar’s Palace.

She appears to have more worthwhile distractions than the average middle aged widow, and dwelling on your loss is the worst part of missing a loved one. Not to forget she also has two 16 year old sons.

That, and the loss being sudden, unexpected, seem to be the heaviest blows.

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She should feel lucky that he wasn’t locked up years ago for crimes against music if he is responsible for her awful fucking singing.

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@msh Well yes depth, attachment, and positive rather than negative experiences. Time may or may not bring those.

I’ve been attached for most of my life to a connection made in a couple of brief conversations.

And I totally do not miss my psycopathic ex wife of a decade or two, even though there was way too much time, too much attachment, and some degree of depth, the horribleness and alienation and the transformations we went through thoroughly makes me not miss her. “Wish I’d left after one month” is how much I miss her.

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@msh Do I have an opinion? Certainly, I’ve already expressed it. Speculation is just that, speculation. I do not think speculating about another person’s grief has any value.

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I appreciate your message.

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