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How nasty are Trump and Cruz going to be to each other?

Asked by LostInParadise (27910points) January 15th, 2016

It is a tough situation. They are going after the same voters. To the extent that they say anything substantive, there is not much difference. So far what we have is Trump saying that Cruz is of Cuban heritage and was not born in the U.S. Cruz comes back saying that Trump is a New Yorker. Is that the best that they can do, trade stereotypes? How pathetic.

Being a Democrat, I want to see tooth and claw fighting between Cruz and Trump, so that whoever gets the nomination will be softened up for the Democratic nominee.

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@LostInParadise – I agree with you – the nastier the better. Let them cut each others’ throats.

We knew it would come to this a year ago when the insane clowns took over the republican party. Watching them is like watching Rome burn – the Empire is ending and the wild tribes are taking over the Republican world.

It may take centuries (well, decades) to recover.

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I’m hoping that they pull out all the stops, and soon. No holds barred until they’re just two bloodied stumps of candidates spewing red spittle.

There may be time to nominate a Republican candidate yet.

The worst fear is that Trump with go Independent and we’ll have a 3 ring circus of the Clintons, Trump, and Cruz.

Talk about never recovering.

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I don’t think they will be nasty towards each other for a couple of reasons. Trump has been expertly dispatching any of the other candidates who dare take him on and Cruz got a healthy dose of it last night and left Cruz pretty embarrassed about his New York comment to Trump. Plus I have thought for a while now Trump will pick Cruz as his VP running mate as another reason you will not see Cruz going for Trump’s jugular and visa versa.

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Interesting that the pollsters have Rubio right up there in the race, but you hardly ever hear anything about Rubio on the news.

The Republican hierarchy is hoping Cruz and Trump will kill each other off. It’s an open secret. And probably the only reason Trump and Cruz wouldn’t do all-out, full-bore scorched earth politicking.

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I think we Democrats don’t have any clue what the Republicans are thinking. Not half of them anyway. So many dems sit back and talk about what is going on with Trump and Cruz, and try to predict things, and just look at how wrong everyone has been for the last 3 months. The part of the media that does obviously lean a little left is totally clueless. They don’t understand the appeal of Trump, and so they can competently talk about it, except to maybe people who think exactly like them and look down on or criticize those who like Trump.

The Two people I know who plan to vote for Trump, aren’t tea party, or far religious right, or racist, none of it.

I think if you are a liberal surrounded by liberals you can’t well assess or guess what will happen during the Republican primaries.

I think Trump will have trouble in the South. That’s one of my predictions if he makes it that far. But, I’m pretty liberal, lol, so according to me my guess is pretty meaningless.

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The Republican establishment don’t care for Trump (after all, he’s not a Republican, as @JLeslie points out) or Cruz.

They both are fringe candidates that are an extremely hard sell to moderate, independent and cross-over voters.
Mitt Romney pushed the envelope, and lost.
I think conservatives mainly view Trump and Cruz undesirable as leaders and unelectable as candidates.

Both Trump and Cruz are hurting the Republican “brand” pandering to the outliers.
I have a feeling both may get a surprise in the primaries, when people have to put their money where their mouth is. My hope is that voters will quit ‘sending a message to Washington’ and vote for someone electable.
Marco and Jeb are holding out for the same. That the Republican’s might eventually need a sane, electable candidate.

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Can’t we just toss them in a pit with a couple of Bat’leths?

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@ibstubro – with regard to your comment on ‘holding out…’ – the question is: When will it be too late?

At some point, it won’t matter because the time to be a credible candidate will have passed.

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Hopefully they will duel to the death, both poison their blades and die from their wounds. But I also mainly don’t care and don’t want to know more about them than I already accidentally know. Yet I know enough that I think anyone who considers them a viable candidate, I wish were not considered a viable voter.

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