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Have you seen the movie "The Revenant?" What did you think?

Asked by jca (36043points) January 16th, 2016

I saw it last night. It had good acting, great scenery and effects, but I thought there would be more to it. I was disappointed.

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No, because I am not a fan of Leonardo DiCaprisun, and I prefer comical over-the-top gore รก la Tarantino.

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I thought it was overrated. Certainly, it had beautiful cinematography, but I preferred “Man In The Wilderness” from 1971 or so. Richard Harris, John Houston. Same story.

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Also, at 2½ hours long, it probably could have had a half hour cut out.

I told my friend that I felt like it was 2½ hours of Leonardo DiCaprio crawling around in the snow and grunting in pain. She agreed.

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I liked it. DiCaprio and Hardy acted well, the effects were well done, and I even appreciated the small diversion from the true story at the end.

Much more entertaining than Star Wars or Hateful Eight.

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Anything with Tom “The Beast” Hardy in is well worth a watch, acts Leo D off the screen in this.

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I’m going to see the movie “Brooklyn ” today.

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I saw it last week and liked it. A little slow at times but being a history lover I found it very authentic and it really made you feel the hardships of what our forefathers might have endured. The only thing I didn’t like was the use of ” fuck” on numerous occasions, not authentic, that word was not mainstream in the 1830’s, used on rare occasion perhaps but not mainstream as it is now. The movie really, really makes you feel grateful for the comforts of life, a shower, warm bed and not crawling around in a foul buffalo robe eating raw buffalo liver and fish.

DiCaprio actually ate real raw liver and raw fish to be authentic in his characters hardship. Disgusting!

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@ Coloma : true, it really shows what it was like to be a fur trapper. Cold, bleak environment, no shelter.

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Let’s bear in mind that the man crawled over 200 miles with broken bones and his ribs exposed.

(Well, the movie left out the part where the Native sewed a bear skin onto his back to cover the open wounds).

It didn’t feel overly long to me.

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haha “bear” that in mind

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you could also say, his wounds were laid “bear”

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walked into that one, didn’t I?

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I agree with Coloma word for word with a little more emphasis on the boredom factor.

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Have yet to see it but most probably I won’t. Not much of a fan of Innaritu and Di Caprio.

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