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Ever chatted with someone online and they gave you that creepy feel?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (10930points) January 17th, 2016 from iPhone

My gut tells me that there’s something not quite right with this person, at first, and they turn out to be complete weirdos.

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Maybe it’s because I am a man and don’t have the radar women have to develop to be safe, but I am not good at suspecting people until they get overt.

I once had a long back and forth on a dating site, until after about two weeks and twenty emails, she “needed to borrow cash to get the imports out of the Customs warehouse”.

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Once I had a chat with a female white supremacist. It was pretty amusing.

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Everyone has some kind of broken. It is how much their broken is compatible with your own which determines whether any red flags emerge.

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Yes. I’ve encountered people who pushed my Creep-o-Meter into high digits, only to get even more disturbing over time.

A man I know got Catfished very badly, back when the internet was newly popular and the term had yet to be invented. He thought he’d met the perfect love of his life; I kept telling him that her stories didn’t add up or make sense, and that he needed to use his intelligence instead of his emotions. The eventual truth hurt him deeply and in many ways. That was one time when I really hated haven been so right.

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Yeah, but he’s not been on Fluther for a while, so…

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Definitely. They’re offline and online. Typically, I just try to ignore them.

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Last week I e-mailed someone on Criaigslist who was looking for a roommate about an apartment I was looking at. His response was “That depends on the price, Mr. [my last name]!” I didn’t address myself by my last name—he probably just thought it was the end part of my e-mail handle.

I didn’t respond. I was soooo creeped out, more than I felt was rational. That’s one way to get me running.

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