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Is there a better store bought cookie than one of Mother's Iced Raisin cookies?

Asked by AstroChuck (37548points) July 24th, 2008 from iPhone

What are your favorites?

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Well, those are great! I love Pepperidge Farm’s Mint Milanos and Brussells. And sometimes, I just have to have Oreos.

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These are my favorite.

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I enjoy Pepperidge Farm’s Milano cookie. I hate desserts with fruit in them. I don’t get the concept of carrot cake (is there carrot in carrot cake?).

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Yup. Carrots are in carrot cake.

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Thanks, I am so not a chef at all.

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Oh man- Milanos rock.

@gimmedat I suppose Fruitcake is your nemisis?

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Orange and raspberry Milanos are the best. I can easily eat the whole package in one sitting!

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I LOVE those wafer cookies that are all sugar, you know the ones that come in packs with vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. I could eat an entire pack of those.

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Milanos are also my favorite, followed closely by four iced Mother’s cookies: molasses, raisin, oatmeal and animal cookies.

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Dare Fudge Bretons
Le Petit Ecolier
Any Good Shortbread

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@marina Starbuck’s short bread cookies are the best. I can’t think of the name brand at the moment.

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wafer cookies

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Chuck, we have the same “Mother”.
Dean’s Shortbread are my favorite after anything Mother makes.

My mother used to buy Mother’s. The first I remember were the pink and white animal cookies with the dots on them.

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The Circus Animals are my youngest daughter’s favorite. I think part of the reason the Iced Raisin are my favorites is because my grandmother used to always have them in a real old white cookie jar that looked like a baker with his big puffy hat. When I was young and visiting Grandma I couldn’t wait to remove his head and reach inside. Today, I have that cracked and glued-back-together cookie jar and that’s where I put the Iced Raisin cookies. They just taste better coming out of there and I always think of my grandmother.

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@tf I agree. I had some the other day. Lurve to you!

I used to be able to eat the iced circus animals, but can’t anymore. Back in the mid-80s at a software start-up, we were on total crunch to ship our first product. The lead programmer and I lived in the office for three weeks. I remember my husband and Mom coming to bring me clothes, but I had passed out on my sleeping bag so they just looked at me for a few minutes and then went away. My skin got like alligator skin from the dry atmosphere of the HVAC, because I never went outside.

Doug would eat those iced circus animal cookies by the bagful every night for the sugar to keep him going through the night. One night toward the end, he wandered up to my desk holding out an iced circus animal cookie and said, “I think I’m in trouble, because these don’t taste sweet to me anymore.”

Now, they remind me of that awful time, and I can’t even look at them much less eat them.

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What a wonderful memory of your Grandma’s house! And how cool it is that you still have that cookie jar! Thanks for the memory!

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What’s really sad is that Kellogg’s (they bought the name and brought back Mother’s Cookies after they Mother’s went out of business) has, for some reason, not decided to bring back the Iced Raisin cookies. The closest thing you can find now are the Mother’s Circus Animal cookies. But those are no way as good as the Iced Raisin cookies were.:(

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