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Need info on a location on Google Maps.

Asked by jtvoar16 (2171points) July 24th, 2008

I am writing a game script for D20 Modern (4th edition rules) and have placed a rather vile villain on The Island of Man near the coast of the Wester shore and the Calf of Man in a building I saw on Google Maps. I have no idea what this building is, why it is there, or what it is. I just know I like the position of the building for the purpose of my game world.

My question is if there is a way of “reverse look-up” in Google Maps, or if there is some way, save for calling the Island of Man Town Hall, that I can find out more about this place (i.e. it’s name mainly, what its purpose is, and maybe a photo of the front of the building.)

I am obsessed with details and the term “anal” doesn’t even come close to describing how anal I am. So if I am going to use a real world location in one of my novels or game scripts, I like to have the name of the place right, at least.

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Got a link to the URL for the building on Google Maps?

Google Earth might be able to help.

Google earth has a lot more info than Google Maps.

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You might go about it by finding the co-ordinates and going then going through this list.

Some of the structures on this list give co-ordinates for the buildings in the upper right hand corner. Some also have photo, or if they don’t, you could search for the photos of the structures listed on google images and see if any of them match up.

You could also just contact the local government on this page.
That might be your best bet. My guess is that they are more than willing to help. .

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Doh.. never mind.

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