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Another jelly has passed away. Can we all mourn together?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (20877points) January 18th, 2016

I recently received some news that @Adirondackwannabe has passed away. He had a hard time fighting with some serious health problems and was admitted to the hospital several times. And this time he didn’t make it out safely.

Adirondackwannabe was a kind and generous contribution to this site, as some jellies have agreed (including me). He gave a lot of selfless help to some of us. He was also extremely upbeat. Even during his struggle with his health he had always looked on the bright side and assumed the best.

Adirondackwannabe, you will always be missed.

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Very sad news indeed. He was a stalwart Jelly and always ready to make amends if he had overstepped a boundary. He seemed to have really loved life and was cut down way too soon. RIP Adirondackwannabe!

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I was wondering where he was. This is truly sad news. Prayers to his family.

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That is such sad news. He was always straightforward and the voice of reason.
He and I met once in a restaurant while I was traveling through his area. The instant we met it felt like we’d known each other forever. He was exactly as I had imagined. Nice.
The world is a little darker.

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This is so sad. I really liked Adirondackwannabe, he was always friendly and well mannered in every thread I saw him in. I will definitely miss his contributions. It’s made even more sad because he was so young, I wasn’t aware of his poor health until very recently but I hope he wasn’t in too much pain when the end came.

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I’m so sorry to hear that; he was way too young.

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I’m so saddened to hear this. He was always there to talk to and give great advice. I will miss him.

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Oh my God. This is such a shock. He was the best guy, ever. This is awful….

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This hurts my heart. @Adirondackwannabe was always kind to me and always would send messages to say hi and let me know that I was missed. I know I don’t come around much anymore, but I will still miss him.

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I thought that it was strange that I hadn’t heard from him in a long time. He was always consistent in checking up on me, touching base, saying hello, asking how I was. Even during my long absences from the site he would message just to say that I was missed. I didn’t know that he was sick. My condolences to his family.

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It saddens me to see my favorite jellies slipping away. In a selfish way it reminds me of my own mortality. That he was the same age as me is a bit scary.
Farewell friend. I hope you find adventure beyond belief in you’re new dimension.

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I just can’t handle this today. He was such a nice jelly. He will be missed by me, and so many others. I remember him talking about spending time with nieces and nephews. I hope his family members get to see this Q.

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No no no no no! Dammit, just no. Such a good guy. Helpful, kind and listened several times when I needed someone. This is awful.

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@Dutchess_III Didn’t he send you real maple syrup?

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He was a wonderful contributor. It’s weird how you can be so moved by the passing of someone you’ve never met. Vaya con Dios!

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He was one of the nicest, most mellow Jellies. A defender of those that needed defending and yet not one to jump into arguments or say negative stuff.

I heard he was ill from another Jelly recently, but I felt like he’s young and he will pull through. Still, I had a lingering thought that if he was so sick that he couldn’t log on to the internet, he must be really sick.

He will be missed by everyone, I’m sure. He was one of the backbones, in my opinion, and a fellow native New Yorker. RIP Adirondackwannabe!

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My heart goes out to his family, to whom he was devoted. I am so sorry that his health issues took him so early.

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Ugh. You know that feeling you sometimes get when someone passes away? That feeling that makes you want to tell those close to you that you love them? I have that feeling.

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He was so young. I’m really really surprised. He was such a nice guy. Quiet and kind.

RIP, Addy. You will be very much missed here.

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If anyone wishes to express their condolences to the family, this will take you to the funeral home’s page.

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Oh, this is just awful.

I was on the receiving end of Adi’s reaching out a few times. He wanted to help, not just offer to, and he definitely did.

He helped me feel welcome in the lagoon, too. Someone else will have to step in and be kind to newbies now.

@Mimishu1995 Thanks for letting us know.

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I can’t even think of anything to say. I’ll miss him.

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@Adirondackwannabe will be missed, he was an asset and was supportive of many other jellies.

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Good bye fellow refugee. I’m sorry that I never got to know you better. If I die I would like to read what people say about me, and I hope it is positive. So I hope your ghost can read this question and find peace. I have nothing bad to say about you.

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How very sad to read. I hope that his loved ones will see what a special person meant to so many here.

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sigh Now there’s nothing between him and the Adirondacks.

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This just hurts too much. It’s such a shock. I feel awful for not realizing how sick he was. He was never about himself, though.

@JLeslie. He did send maple syrup. I pulled the jar out from where I had it stored. It will be on display somewhere in the kitchen from now on.

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Aw, Addy. I’m going to miss that guy. :(

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Wow, what a shock. :-(

When I first read the question of the OP, I thought it was about Unbroken, whose passing also surprised me. :-(

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Unbroken died? I am not sure I knew that. When was that?

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Thank you, @Brian1946. I didn’t know. I knew she had physical health issues, but didn’t know she passed. RIP Unbroken.

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I took a rather long hiatus from the site (a good year) and finally made my back upon hearing that Gail passed away. When I returned, I decided to stick around and have been posting a bit here and there. Yesterday, I thought about Bob (I noticed that I hadn’t seen him post in awhile), so I checked his Fluther page. December 3rd was the last time that he checked in.

What a nice, helpful guy he was. So down to earth. He would often check in with me when I frequented the site to see how I was doing. So thoughtful.

R.I.P., Bob! You will be missed!

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I’ve been wondering where Bob’s been, but I didn’t guess such sad news.

I had some lovely chats with @Adirondackwannabe, both in the forums and through PM. He was always so nice to me, and he never failed to be interesting. He’ll be missed at Fluther.

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So sorry to see the community lose another stalwart. A jelly with grace and humor and a wonderful outlook on life. May he be sharing a giggle and an insight with Gail and Unbroken.

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We did clash, but still had some great times in the chatroom. Fluther will miss you, @adirondackwannabe, and so will I.

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Sad news. And we didn’t get to say goodbye. He was always so nice and helpful. Another loss for the world.

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I’m so very, very sad. We also shared many conversations over the years. He was a very sweet man. He loved his nephews and his family. He was very thoughtful. @LuckyGuy, I know we had talked about his absence and you had tried to get in touch, did you hear back from his family? I wonder if we could have a thread, similar to @gailcalled’s to give to his family. He had such a lot of friends here that loved him, even though we hadn’t ever met him.

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Dammit. Goodbye, @adirondackwannabe. You’ll be missed.

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Awwww, such a loss.

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Wow, I had no idea. So sad today. Farewell and RIP, Robert.

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Gail, Unbroken, and now Adi… New Year’s Eve is only a month away here. What a shitty way to start a year :(

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For years, he always thanked me every time I answered a question that he asked. He tended to be kind and encouraging to young people. He struggled with health issues for years, but was almost always upbeat whenever I PM’d him and he me. He was a good man. He will be missed here.

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Farewell, @Adirondackwannabe. You were the kind of guy who was so much a part of Fluther that it seemed like the whole internet would have to come crashing down to keep you away. You were the welcome wagon and the morale officer. You only got angry over the important things (hockey and bad drivers). And when the occasion warranted it, you weren’t afraid to use the two phrases most people hate to say: “I don’t know” and “I was wrong.” You will be missed in many ways, most of which we may never even recognize.

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He was probably one of the first, if not the first person, to welcome me back to Fluther. He thought I probably didn’t remember him after so long, but he was wrong. He always used to send me kind messages and reassure me about things I was having a difficult time with. And he would randomly PM me to send good thoughts my way or ask how I was doing. He was, without a doubt, one of the kindest people on the site and I will miss his presence a lot. :(

His family is missing a really great person and my heart goes out to them.

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I’m very sorry to hear about this. @Adirondackwannabe and I had not been close Fluther friends for a long time, but he was a reliable participant here, and Fluther will not be the same without him.

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I never knew he had health problems to such an extent. I knew he had hernia issues but that was about all.

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Farewell to a sweet, polite and wonderful person. May your soul roam your beloved Adirondacks free of pain. Thank you for being a part of our community. Go well.

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A good-hearted person, cheerful and warm. This is a hard loss.

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Goodbye, @Adirondackwannabe.
You take the best of Fluther with you.
I never thought I would shed a tear over someone on the internet that I’d never met in person and wasn’t even on a first name basis with.
A first.

It’s beyond brisk here tonight, with snow predicted throughout the day and night. In your memory I will look through the falling snow to the bluffs in my west and give a brief howl.

Peace, our sweet prince.

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I’m beyond sad. He was a lovely guy with a kind heart and seemed to have touched lots of people’s lives here in a gentle concerned way. A light has gone out.

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Adi had his special way of making each single person feel special. It is what made him so special.
He was so kind, and warm, and amusing.
He could make me laugh at times when I thought my spirits could not be lifted.
Oh, Adi, your silly stories, and amusing quips; your sincere way of showing concern… all are ingredients of a very sweet man. I will miss you deeply. I have felt your absence, but I believed we would talk again. It rips my heart in ragged edges to know we won’t.
I blow a kiss to your family, to share a grief I am sure has cloaked them in a shroud. I hope that having known you helps to ease their pain of losing you.
Rest now, friend. You have done well. You deserve to have all your pain ended.

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When I realized this last night it was with a heavy heart I signed off for the evening.

As Richard Bach once said:

“Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. ”

So, until that time, fare thee well @Adirondackwannabe .

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Oh, no, no say it ain’t so :’(

Adirondackwannabe was always so sweet and supportive to anyone who needed it. I know he was to me.

I’ll miss him so much.

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I’m not doing well with this. I only knew him from Fluther, but I cried a few times, felt nauseous off and on all night when I found out, and it hurts as if he were someone I knew in person.
I think the worst part is finding out he was in so much worse pain than I had known.
I just can’t out-maneuver the ache.

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Oh @Here2_4. I’m sorry you’re struggling. I think one of the hardest parts in relation to @Adirondackwannabe’s death is that for many people it was completely out-of-the-blue. Be kind to yourself. Talk to people here if you need support.

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@Earthbound_Misfit: And so young.

I can’t help feeling like for someone so young, who (I don’t think) had a major disease like cancer, and I don’t think abused his body by drugs and alcohol like Glenn Frey did), they couldn’t do anything to save him?

I know we don’t know and probably will never know, but it’s like, really??

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Farewell, Bob! We’ll miss you.

Another reminder of our own mortality!

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@Yetanotheruser Wait! Did Bob die too. :(

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Bob is adirackwannabe’s real name.

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This is sad.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I’m fairly sure that the one who treats everybody like a Subway employee, is doing okay. ;-)

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Sorry to hear this news. Another good man gone.

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Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the other “bob” around here.

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“bob” was here a couple of weeks ago according to his profile page.

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Interesting. I missed it obviously :)

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Do have have any word on why he died?

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I feel a little pang every time I get an alert for this thread. I haven’t been around with any regularity in a long time, but I am quite attached to a lot of you. I’ve made some wonderful friends in the tidepool.

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Holy crap dude. This sucks. I’m sorry everyone, if you can, let Adirondack’s family know he had a whole community of people who cared about him.

I used to get really worked up and sometimes my answers appeared harsh, and AW was great at telling me to chill out. I didn’t know him but I could tell he had a “wise old man” thing about him when we talked.

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Good to see you @Blackberry. AW was awesome.

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RIP, friend. And hopeful thoughts to those you’ve left behind.

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Happy New Year Fiddle Playing Creole Bastard…

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I just saw this. I am shocked. I had no idea he was that ill. I’m really going to miss him and his references about growing up on that dairy farm. He was a good guy.

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When I (SuperMouse) asked for ideas for what to wear to my stepson’s wedding his suggestion was stilettos and a tube top. I laughed out loud and really appreciated the humor to remind me to relax and not stress out quite as much as I was at the moment. Thanks Adirondack, you will be greatly missed.

Dutchess_III's avatar

I didn’t realize that was you, Supermouse!

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Was anyone able to send this Q to someone in his family?

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None of us have contact with them and we also don’t know if Adirondack would want them to know about Fluther.

JLeslie's avatar

@janbb I wonder if he would mind them knowing about Fluther even if he kept it a secret while he was alive? We can’t know. I would want to respect the jelly’s wishes of course.

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I doubt that he would want them to know. From time to time he would vent a bit about things he didn’t like, or about decisions they made that he found to be inappropriate.

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Oh, it’s so sad. I’m going to truly miss him. He was a good soul and an excellent voice of reason. I wish I has known he was ill and maybe I wouldn’ve told him that. Wow. Only 54 years old. Good bye my friend. I hope you are among the angels and feeling fine.

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WHAT!!!! How did this escape me? OMG..I am so sad. I adored him. I will have to go back and read all of these respnses now. I’m in total shock! :-/

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@Coloma don’t feel bad. I was the first one to discover it and I was shocked too. He kept everything such a secret that even I don’t know what happened.

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Adirondack was such a caring man….
Whenever I was down, he always messaged me asking if I was ok. Adirondack, I know thst you are looking at us from above, and I know that you are going to be in a happy place. You deserve it so much. Thank you for being a selfless, caring, amazing human being that always had a lending help to others. Your humor will be missed….

Dutchess_III's avatar

I’m still mad and upset….

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I had no idea. :(

cookieman's avatar

How on earth did I miss this?!? And @Unbroken too.

This is so sad. I am very sorry.

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Goodbye @Adirondackwannabe I miss you and your witty reparte.

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Not much could hurt me like the news Dutchess gave me today. I’m not easy to get to know & it’s very hard to earn my loyalty & trust. Bob did both and respect as well. He messaged me during some tough times & was the only jelly besides Dutchess that got my cell. I had to come here to pay my respects to this wonderful, intelligent spirit that was so kind & gentle & maybe a little bit broken like me. RIP my friend. ~April

JLeslie's avatar

@KNOWITALL Nice to see you. I hope you stick around.

KNOWITALL's avatar

Thanks sweets, I’ll sure try. I’m getting into politics a little bit, and won my city council election, maybe run for Mayor in a few years, interesting stuff. Miss many of you guys though, and always wishing you well.

JLeslie's avatar

@KNOWITALL That’s fantastic. Congratulations on your win. I know Adorandackwannabe would have been excited for you. :)

Cupcake's avatar

@KNOWITALL That’s great! Congrats on city council. (I also) hope you stick around.

Coloma's avatar

@KNOWITALL Yes, congrats, and do pop in as you are able, we’ve missed you!

Dutchess_III's avatar

Dang it @KNOWITALL! I should have gotten your autograph when we hooked up on Friday! You didn’t tell me all of that, but that is really great news. So proud of you!

KNOWITALL's avatar

lol I’m finding out there’s a lot of mud~slinging in politics, even if it’s made up mud. (sigh) Also knowing who to trust is difficult, too many toothy smiles….We’ll see. Ya’ll with experience may need to give some advice. Peace & love. And yes, I think Bob would be proud, he always encouraged me to be me proudly. There’s never enough of his kind of people in the world.

Dutchess_III's avatar

We’re here, and we know EVERYTHING you know @KNOWITALL.

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This is the worst news I had yesterday. I really can’t believe that he is gone forever. He was the best man I came across. Always dealt with me with such warm mannerism, I really respected him. Such a big loss. Its hard to admit the fact that he is not there. How he used to talk about his family and what a positive mental make-up he had, always trying to help others in need. He offered a lot of help when I was in depression. I feel so terrible, I could’t even talk to him. I sent him a mail yesterday saying ” How are you doing?” never realizing that he would be gone. I am so sorry to hear such bad news. Oh my god, it hurts. I miss you Adiron, so sad I couldn’t talk since a long time. I didn’t visit fluther at all for a long time but whenever I did, I always spoke to him and would have his messages. I will miss you bad! Rest in peace, dear one!

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I was at an event over the weekend that was rather like a Fair, where people show their stuff off. I took this picture, just because.

Khajuria9's avatar

Picture because?

Stinley's avatar

@Khajuria9 they are Adirondack chairs. I believe I learned about them from our dear friend Adi

Khajuria9's avatar

People on here are good but none can take his place, he will always have a really special space in my heart, right now, I was reading all the conversations that we two shared. I almost cried. I loved him a lot. Don’t know why he had to die so early! :( So bad cause I can’t even meet him at all, I was planning on seeing him. I wish there are more people like him!!! I miss you so bad Bob. :( :( :(

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