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Why is Connecticut considered one of the rich states when 3 largest cities in it [Hartford/New Haven/Bridgeport] are poorest of the nation?

Asked by seVen (3472points) July 24th, 2008 from iPhone

is it because in the Fairfield County and NY/CT border town of Greenwich are mostly rich NY Stock Exchange experts houses?

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2000 Census (released 5/21/02) # of Households Median Household Income (dollars) Per Capita Income (dollars) # of Families Median Family Income (dollars)

“Connecticut 1,302,227 53,935 28,766 885,747 65,521”

* Connecticut leads the nation in per capita income at $40,870 for 2000. Connecticut’s per capita income is 38.8 percent higher than that of the nation. It should be noted that per capita and total personal income figures as reported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis do not include income from capital gains.
This robust level of productivity and advanced education results in high wages. Connecticut ranks first in the nation in average annual pay, with an average salary of over $45,000. Connecticut ranks fifth among all states in the percentage of workers employed in technology occupations. Source

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What’s most shameful about this state, is that it might be one of the richest, but it consistently spends the least on public education.

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The current per capita income in CT is $54,117, which makes it by far the wealthiest. There is just geopgraphical disparity, as the wealthy don’t live in the cities. If Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport were combined with their immediate suburbs, they would become some of the richest cities in the nation.

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Just another example of why averages don’t always tell the whole story.

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people in CT dont like to live in the cities, they generally work in NY and the rich people can afford to live outside the craziness

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Because more of us can live in the burbs. And if you can afford to buy groceries from Stop and Shop, then you really are rich.

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I don’t see any Connecticut cities on any of the lists of poorest cities in the USA, unlike Detroit, Philly, Cleveland, Miami, El Paso Tx, etc.

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Some of the slums are nice places to live, in Connecticut.

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