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A good tattoo artist in the L.A. area? (Please see details.)

Asked by tinyfaery (43774points) July 24th, 2008

I want some color work that would be primarily white. There is also a color technique where many colors are used to create the idea of another color (that came out weird, but do you know what I mean?). I know a lot of artists don’t like to do too much white, but I think a good artist could do it. I’m willing to pay for good work, but I don’t want to be put on a 9 month waiting list.

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Were I wanting to get a tattoo, which I am, just not at this time. The person I would see FIRST is Kat Von D! I believe she is the No. 1 female tattoo artist in los angeles. Not only that, she was the only female artist for Miami Ink( which has a TV series and now kat is here in LA, they’ve asked her to do it here. She and three of the Best female tattoo artist as well as 1 male artist. Kat is known for her black & white’s forgive me for my ignorance

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oppsss sorry! Kat Von D has a website which is or you can also read about her and the women above mentioned at if link is no good, try removing the la_ink.htm… Anyway that’s where I’m going and whom I am going to see. Good luck!

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@scc I know about Kat. Unfortunately, she’s too cool for the average client, plus she has a very long waiting list. Thanks though.

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Kat Von D also specializes in black and white photo-realistic faces. She tends to turn down clients who want anything else. I found this thread on yelp (which is a great place to do a little research into any artist recommended to you!)


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@tinyfaery, How far away are you from San Bernadino? My daughter (whom I might add is an EXTREMELY picky person) used to drive there from the San Fernando Valley, now since she has moved to Maui, she now flies to see him. If I’m not mistaken, he too is into black and white. I can get the name & number if you’d like, it would hurt to call unless it is just too far from you.

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