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Why won't the West deal with Putin?

Asked by basstrom188 (3595points) January 19th, 2016

Let’s face it Putin is a pussy cat compared with Joseph Stalin and the western world dealt with him.

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He may be a pussycat compared to Stalin, but Putin’s a lying egomaniacal asshole nonetheless.

Putin is not to be trusted. What’s the advantage to working with him? He’ll stab you in the back anyway.

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Deal with him how?

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The West and everyone else deals with hom constantly

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We kinda already deal with Puting and Russia and have for a while now. We run joint military exercises to improve our military readiness for terrorist threats, we trade between our countries, work together on the Intl Space Station and very play well together in NATO.

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The “western world” did not deal with Stalin. He reigned pretty much unchallenged until the end.
And Putin is not a “Pussycat”. He is not as brazen as Stalin, but much more insidious, and no less evil.
That is why conservatives love him so much.

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