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What is it about new tires?

Asked by majorrich (14711points) January 19th, 2016

Getting ready for forecasted snow, I had new tires put on my old car to replace the old smoothies. Driving home, the car seems to have more power, it started easier, just a happy car. What is it about new tires that make a car run better?

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I suspect that it has something to do with the way my wheels always seem know if and when I get any tax refunds. Never a yellow dash light. Gotta be in the red warning area! :)

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The new tires are probably fully inflated; the old ones may not have been. That always improves the ride.

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Better traction, better ride, better car.

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In addition to being properly inflated, your wheels are also in balance.

And, did you get he alignment done?

The fastest I ever drove a car was pegging my mother’s 1972 Pontiac Gran Ville 455 cu. in. four-barrel V-8 after getting new tires and the wheels balanced and aligned, and driving it on a brand new freeway.

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@zenvelo – and in the 72 Gran Ville, pegging was what? Around 120?

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It’s all in the smell of them.

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Old tires are harder (dried out) and noisier because of the worn tread. So your new tires are quieter, smoother riding and you feel better about your investment, so your car seems “happier.”
Also, be advised! Just because the tire store inflated your tires, they may not be at the proper pressure. After a couple of days, when the tire temp has been acclimated to the outdoors, have your tires rechecked for proper “vehicle manufacturer specified” air pressure, noted on your car’s glove box, or door post. Check them when they are COLD (driven less than 1 mile.) I check mine cold @ about 50 degrees outside temp.

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It was 9 degrees this morning, buts up to 12 now!

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