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Anyone else notice our farewell to Adirondackwannabe disappeared?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) January 19th, 2016

It hurts enough to lose a stalwart Jelly and only seemingly rubs salt in the wounds when our Meta heartfelt farewell suddenly disappears as well. Sigh…Can anyone shed some light on this turn of events??

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I believe this thread should shed some light on the matter.

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@dxs Not sure yet how that thread answers my question as to why the Bob/Adirondackwannabe farewell disappeared.

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I believe it was because the contents of his obituary were included in the post.

But reading @dxs‘s link, the farewell may very well return

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I suspect @dxs is right. There was personal info in the obituary. Hopefully the thread will return in an edited form. I sincerely hope so. I think Mr A would find it somewhat hilarious that his farewell thread was modded!

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Oops, I had meant to link to a specific post on the thread, this one

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I flagged it. The obit was causing some troubles so I need to get it out of sight for a while. Now I’m waiting for the mods to decide its fate.

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@Mimishu1995, if you just take out the personal information I’m sure it will be fine.

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[Mod says] It will definitely return. We’re trying to find out what Adirondackwannabe would have wanted us to do.

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A link to the obit instead of a copy/paste would be ok, wouldn’t it? Keep the question, just edit the details? Or no obit at all? We can still have a farewell without an obit that contains personal information.

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The way I understand this, Mimi flagged her own post. Thanks for the thread @dxs

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Well. I am totally bummed out now. I am going to bed.

Sleep well @Adirondackwannabe.

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Just strip out the part that was copy and pasted from the local papers obituary and call it a day.

Part of me thinks it would mean more if we focused on what the deceased meant to Fluther and the users here. Like a ∞ K party.

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Oh damn! I’ve been here and gone a lot. When did we lose Adi?
Broken heart now.
Gawd. I knew something was missing lately, I couldn’t put my finger on it.
Death taking so many wonderful people lately. I can’t face more grief.
I will miss his humor.

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I noiticed it right away, and I knew why from the other question/discussion about it. I felt like why don’t they just take out the personal details and put it back up, so we can go back to memorializing him?

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The thread is back. All of you who want to pay respect can go back now.

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It was removed at the request of the OP for editing, and has returned.

In reality, it just shifted to another discussion that was a great tribute to @Adirondackwannabe all on its own.

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