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What are a few of your favorite things?

Asked by Kardamom (31421points) January 19th, 2016

One of the songs from The Sound of Music, These Are a Few of My Favorite Things was running through my head all day.

What are a few of your favorite things? Make a list. It can be long or short, full of actual objects, or maybe it has some feelings, or ideas, or loved ones. Whatever they are, please share them with us.

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I love to watch the sunrise. I feel it comes to early in the day but maybe that I have to make an effort to see it is part of what makes it special.

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Summer nights
Fatso, my stuffed bear (25 years old now)
My sister, even though she drives me crazy sometimes
My partner
Thai yellow curry
Sunlight casting shadows on my walls
The sound of birds on a warm spring day
Thunder and lightning storms
Indoor and outdoor fires (roasting hot dogs and marshmallows is a must)
Scary stories
Bubbles baths
Learning new things

I’ll stop here, but I could easily go on.

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Ipad mini
Zombie movies
Books, reading
Horror movies
Ghost stories
Playing piano

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new socks
nacho cheese Doritos and cream cheese
solving nerd problems after hours of fighting and it was a missing semicolon
David Mitchell
horrible reality TV—> Looking at you Real World
so much butter on a english muffin I have to change my clothes after eating it
playing basketball
fixing any sort of electronics others would have just tossed in the bin and bought another
sleeping outside

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Soaking in the bathtub
TED talks
The smell of the sea
Long walks in the woods
Coming home after long walks in the woods
Falling asleep to the sound of birds chirping
The smell of Spring
Lying in snow or grass, looking up at the sky

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My cat… Sinatra… Flan… Crosswords… Rainy nights… $1.68/gallon gasoline… Old movies… Hot showers…
Pressburger-Powell films… Guacamole salad and chips… Ralph Vaughan Williams compositions… Lobster with melted butter… And so many other things.

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The scent when walking past a bakery.
Stopping in the bakery for some fresh warm donuts.
The smell trees have when it is about to rain.
Soft, snuggly clothes one size too big.
Oatmeal cookies
Purring nearby
Birthday cards… with money in them
A chilly autumn evening with no breeze
A warm spring day with just a little breeze
Designer frost that just happened naturally
Finding a twenty dollar bill while raking the leaves
Lightning bugs
Making hecka dinner, it all comes out right, and somebody says so
“I love you” whispered in my ear
“Thank you, Mom”
Slushy lemonade in August
February, and the car started right up!
Toddler giggles

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And this is where everyone gives away their gender :-)

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- Movies. I realize that I can watch any kind of movies as long as they are thrilling, or though-provoking, or has original plots.
– Book. The same rule applied.
– Writing.
– Getting lost in my world.
– Noon nap.
– My family and friends, who give me all the support they have.

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Peaceful young races with fires on their houses, millions of voices all silenced like mouses, watching the cowards bow toward their new king, these are a few of my favourite things.

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My son
The smell of old books
The smell of new books
The smell of sawdust
Making old wood look new and beautiful
Watching the tiniest bits of wood shavings appear on the edge of my scraper blade
Thick, scratchy, wool fabric
Painting while blitzed drunk
Riding the edge of a mosh pit during one of my favorite bands’ concerts
Walks in the woods on cold days
Cold days in general
The look on someone’s face when they’re enjoying something I cooked
Eating food I have grown with the work of my own hands
Learning new things

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free food
free concerts
free anything

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Bagels and donuts and coffee with creamer
Bacon and sausage full fat not the leaner
Pizza with toppings and barbecue wings
These are a few of my favorite things.

Concussion and impact and sudden expansions
Equipment and testing demanding attention
Shot guns and rifles and things that bang
These are a few of my favorite thangs.

Mornings on days when there’s no one demanding.
Play twixt the sheets that leaves nothing standing
Ladies all fancy and wishing to sing
These are few of my favorite things.

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the main subject line to this

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My computer desk
The night sky
My bus pass
Green tea
Mountains close by and mountains far off.

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My boyfriend
My dog
Country music
Other members of the Bovine family
Jim Henson muppets and the like
Barbra Streisand
Comfort tv like Gilmore Girls, The Goldbergs, Reba, Jam and Jerusalem etc
Trains and train tracks
Mass Bagpipes
Cowboy boots
My dad
The Grand Ole Opry
Winnie the Pooh
Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness
Samsara perfume
Wensleydale cheese
Reno, Nevada
Long haired dog breeds like Skye Terriers, Bearded Collies and Afghan hounds
Hot Air Balloons
Jack Daniels
Salisbury Plain
My grandparents
Cold glass of milk
Road trips
A history lesson
Having my nails done
my best friend, Vikki

Apart from the first two, these are in no particular order and I know I’ve forgotten things!

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@johnpowell I could add some stuff to make it less obvious. :P Like:

Video games
Good horror movies
Mountain biking
Building things
The smell of freshly cut wood (seriously… it’s kind of weird how obsessed I am with it)
Target practice

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My cameras
Making pottery and sketching
Calm smooth as glass lake water
Summer Breezes
Fires in the fireplace
My chef cutlery and cast iron pans
My ‘66 T-Bird
Tandem bike
Walks in the woods
Holding hands
Kayaks and SUP’s
Green Tea
Live music
Baby oil

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@Cruiser :: Good call on the fire. I love making and manipulating fire. It is almost like a game. A few small puffs of air and rearrangement of kindling can make all the difference in the world. Way more fun than Monopoly.

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@johnpowell Very few simple things are more satisfying than poking at a fire and pushing a log just so that the flames then leap and pillar just so.

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I like throwing a big tree trimming on the fire in the backyard and listening to the rapid cracking of the green leaves.

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Logs with gas pockets.. That is the best. One bursts and then there is flame shooting out on a tiny hole in the log.

I love fire.

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Starting a new fire from the warm ashes left in the fire pit.

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Feel free to delete this if it is off-topic. We used to do work camping trips with like 15 people. This was in July and we bought our firewood at Safeway and it was really dry. So we were all pretty wasted and the firewood was burning at a amazing rate. I decided to toss the remaining wood in the river we were camping next to.

I thought if the water soaked in a bit the wood will still burn (nice bed of coals at this time) but wouldn’t blast a log in 15 minutes.

People were very drunk and angry. But I was right. We got a few extra hours out of my wet wood.

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@johnpowell Have you ever messed with copper in a fire? If not get some copper flakes and have some real visual fun at your next campout.

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Oh god… My inner firebug is getting horny.

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I have copper wire… SCIENCE TIME!

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The sound of geese flying overhead, somewhat obscured and dampened by morning fog, on their journey southward.

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