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Can I use my Dell "Reinstall CD" for Windows XP for boot camp?

Asked by dangdang (193points) July 24th, 2008

I am looking at buying a Mac and need to have Boot Camp with Windows to test my web designs for IE6 & IE7. Will the CD I got from Dell that says “Reinstall CD Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1a” work for installing Windows on Boot Camp. It is a legal copy since that computer has been decommissioned and is no longer in use.

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No. You need SP2 to use Boot Camp. You might find some help here.

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johnpowells got it right.

I tried to install bootcamp using an old SP1 disk and most everything crapped out on me. You may be able to find a cheaper copy of XP SP2 now that MS is stopping support for XP.

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I also have an XP Home SP2 Dell “Reinstall XP CD” from my old laptop. So the real question is will a Dell full “Reinstall XP CD” work?

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You could always get a free windows xp sp2 for the pirates (and they happen to have a bay). Alternatively some internet stores will sell an oem xp for mad cheap if you get like any extra hardware from them

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i meant to say “from the pirates”

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I got it. And I understood the “bay” comment as well. But I would rather not use pirated software for building websites that I am charging for.

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Well here’s what i did. I started with a bootleg copy of Adobe Cs3 premium. Then as i started bringing in clients, i put a small percent of that on a fund to actually buy the cs3 software later. Eventually i ended up getting a legit copy of dreamweaver with my school’s discount. I am still saving up for photoshop, fireworks and illustrator but someday it’ll happen.

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So as long as the computer is no longer in use you can re-use the disk. But does the old computer have to be decommissioned a certain way???

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Since it’s an OEM cd it is only licensed to be run on the original computer, and it would therefore be illegal.

To my knowledge some Dell OEM cd’s are tied to Dell computers and will not install on other hardware. I have however successfully installed them a couple of times, so it’s difficult to say.

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