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What are your views on Donald Trump?

Asked by ReadingHouses (110points) January 20th, 2016

I’d like too see people views on him

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Trump sure stirs up the seething hateful white racist losers.

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Someone who is pleading for attention, not someone who wants to change the world for the better.

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Not diplomatic, a buffoon, if elected President he’ll get us all in trouble. Amazing to me that grown, supposedly intelligent people would consider making him President.

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Narcissist. Buffoon. Probable sociopath.

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A fascist, if it gets him what he wants.

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A man with balls who can make America great again.

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A charismatic showman with the gift of negotiation. He is a genius at speaking with lightning fast thinking. He’s totally politically incorrect and this rubs folks the wrong way. People call Trump names not because he deserves to be called names but so they can feel good about themselves.

Would Trump make a good U.S. President? Probably not.

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I think he’s a suit full of bees

Or maybe three very tall rabbits standing on top of each other inside of a trench coat

Or a horse in human clothes.

He’s probably a Nickelback fan.

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@gondwanalon. You can see what people do and hear what they say. What you can not do is know what motivates them. You assign reasons for what others do based on your own lens of perception. You can not possibly know why a person does things and you absolutely can not say they all do the same thing for the same reason.

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His views and concerns on the majority of what he speaks about are not even close to mine so my feelings toward him are rather negative.
I think of him as a richer, more successful version of a used-car salesman and no I would not buy a car from him. He feels, to me, slimy; willing to say and do whatever it takes to get you on his side and more than willing to cut your throat somewhere down the line if it would help him achieve his goals (whatever they may be).
He cannot be trusted because his only goal is the betterment of Donald Trump and nothing else matters to him.

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Trump is playing to the base. He is doing what he thinks will get him the nomination. I don’t think he wants to build a wall and deport, pretty sure he actually doesn’t care. But he thinks that is what people want to hear so he saying this shit.

I am terrified of a Cruz presidency. Trump, if he manages to get elected will probably not do much. Other than the embarrassment of living in a country that elected him I doubt I would notice any difference in my daily life.

If he does manage to get the nomination I doubt he will ever mention a wall again.

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One word:

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Apart from the fact that I disagree with his political views, I find him totally obnoxious. He is constantly bragging about how rich he is and trying to convince us that wealth equates to intelligence and political ability. He thinks that his supposed superiority entitles him to insult whoever he wants without even an attempt at diplomacy.

When I heard how upset Romney was when he lost the last election, I felt sorry for him, even though I do not support his politics. I felt that he was a basically decent if politically misguided person. In Trump’s case, I look forward to seeing him lose.

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He & America deserve each other, if it weren’t for his rivals being so completely shot with shit he would never even be considered as a viable candidate, much less a leading contender.
Only in Eeh-merry-ka!

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More of a clown than bush. I’m not in the states, and partially hope that he gets elected just so that everything goes to utter shit and maybe people get their heads right finally. I’m also hoping that it would screw over their economy so that the canadian dollar stops being so fucking low.

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Although I must say I loved him here:

SNL parody of Drake’s “Hotline Bling.”

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He is an egotistical schoolyard bully who never grew up.

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He’s a charismatic megalomaniac, which are words frequently used to describe cult leaders and dictators. I find that scary.

I don’t have a clue how he would perform as president.

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Egomaniacal blowhard.

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What @johnpowell said. Trump is, to me, all talk. I don’t think he’s really a threat to do a lot of the outrageous things he says (but watch me eat these words). Cruz on the other hand is the bigger threat; he’s the most far right of the major contenders, so I’m honestly hoping Trump does get the nomination (partly because I don’t see him winning against the Democrats, whereas Cruz could).

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He’s an obnoxious blowhard which is fine, there are lots of them around, but this one wants to take over the country which I find very troubling.

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@Jak, It’s just a hypothesis. After all with all the slime that we’re constantly being feed from the left and the right what do we really know for sure other than our own misfortune?

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So if nobody here likes him… Why are his poll numbers so high and who is pulling for him? I find him scary, because it appears he has a shot.

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Nobody is not the correct word to use. Not everyone loathes him here, they are just the loudest right now. Fluther is populated primarily by Democrats, and persons of various other countries. Fluther is not a representative cross section of the U.S.
I could give you my reasons for being supportive of him, but I have done that already in other threads, and quite frankly, I am tired of the beatings.

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I’m behind on what all the candidates’ specific policies right now, so I’m behind on Trump’s specific policies, but just speaking to what I know of character… His willingness to say rather derogatory, polarizing statements scares me—especially imagining him saying such things when he is supposed to represent a country to a diverse world. The ease at which he says he is better than most people at most things scares me—especially considering how ambivalent or ambiguous many political situations can be, or how vital compassion and negotiation can be in tense situations.

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Can’t be bought and sold by the party easily.





Scary to consider him as a diplomat to other nations whose culture is very different than ours.


Swelled ego.

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He’s all the above ^^. He’s interesting. I wouldn’t want him to be president—he reminds me waaaay too much of Teddy Roosevelt and those days are long past. But if I were president, I might have his phone number on hand if only to hear his views on how to deal with guys like Putin or Kim Jong-un in certain circumstances. One must admit that Trump is successful at what he does and he thinks outside of the box, differently than most people, and that has some value in Washington’s often parochial and dangerously homogeneous intellectual atmosphere.

It would be interesting to hear a conversation between Putin (Don Corleon) and Trump (the Wolf of Wallstreet) concerning, let’s say, Russian incursion into Ukrainian politiics, economics and actual territory. I would like to know once and for all if an extremely aggressive, ethically questionable capitalist could get anything from a mafioso-style predator like Putin if the businessman was protected from actually getting hit. Does he really have the balls to stand up for what he believes in (Free Market Capitalism), or is he just a lot of hot air wrapped in an expensive suit willing to gamble with the lives of others on a purely egoistic enterprise? Can he actually come up with a deal that Putin can’t refuse, like he claims? (“Hey, folks, I can deal with anybody!”) I’d love to hear an exchange between these two. We all might be surprised. Maybe these two animals actually have enough common ground and respect for each other’s mendacious licentiousness that they may be able to deal. Who knows?

I would make sure to record these conversations with a mind to play them for their potential comedic value while lunching with certain cabinet members.

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His meglamaniacal boast yesterday that he could shoot somebody and not lose voters is repulsive beyond my ability to express my disgust.

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The really sad thing is, he is probably right.

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Lobbyists and Citizens United are exactly what is wrong with our country today and why we keep getting laws passed that clearly benefit big business more than it helps you and I. All the other candidates are already in bed with the Banks and big business lobbyists and it is a given if elected these candidates will be puppets on a string for theses special interest groups.

Also only Trump could come out and say while campaigning that he is going to tax the rich, people like himself and especially the hedge fund managers and the middle class less and get away with it all because he is not taking donations from these guys. Executives heads on Wall street are exploding with the mere thought of Trump possibly being elected.

Plus never in a million years would Trump release the top al-Qaeda bomb maker in a hostage deal with Iran.

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@Cruiser I don’t think you can say that Trump would or would not do anything. Does he not state, with his overblown sense of self-aggrandizement, that he is a consummate deal-maker? Making deals requires give and take and, while the idea is to get more than you give, sometimes you have to give up, let us say a bomb maker, in order to get what you want in return. Trump would, I feel, do this if he thought it was in his own self-interest.

Which is another thing that bothers me about the man; I get the impression that no one, no thing, no idea or ideal is of greater importance to Trump than Trump. My impression is he would sell his own mother or country if that is what it took.

He is like the proverbial shifty-eyed used car salesman who will tell you whatever you need to hear in order to make the sale and get you off the lot.

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In all seriousness—Trump just seems dim. Genuinely dim.

I’ve almost no idea what his policy ideas are, because policies are practically never mentioned during GOP debates. Instead they’re a sort of one-upmanship and bragging contest for the candidates, who take turns to boast about their supposed credentials, and to laud American Exceptionalism and the virtues of capitalist enterprise .

I wonder if his father was the smart one. Trump seems to have just got by on his inheritance and sociopathic levels of arrogance.

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@rojo I would love to hear your reason(s) why you feel this way about Trump? “He is like the proverbial shifty-eyed used car salesman” What has he actually done in the real world that enables you to say this?

I am not a HUGE fan of Trump but as a business owner myself who has taken an enormous personal risk to buy my company I know first hand about taking risks, getting something done by hiring the right people and negotiating good deals to make a decent profit. And you most certainly do not become successful in business especially as successful as Trump by being a “shifty-eyed used car salesman”.

Trump doesn’t own the formula on success as rich successful developers are a dime a dozen…but Trump has broke the mold on being a celebrity rich developer which obviously is helping his campaign a lot more than anyone ever expected except Trump himself.

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@Cruiser It is just the vibe I get from him. He feels and presents himself as a character from Cheech and Chongs repertoire; El Monte Slim.

Of course it doesn’t help that several years ago I also read the book by Wayne Barrett: Trump: The Deals and the Downfall which, among other things, exposed his ties to organized crime. Along those lines, here is an article from The Daily Beast which discusses why he did not run in 2012.

But, to be fair, here is an article discussing why Trump might actually make a good choice as President at this juncture of American History; Donald Trump is an expert at declaring bankruptcy.

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@rojo One thing I have only seen one story take a look at is Trumps success and how the way he was this successful deal maker is one…his deals involved money and lots of it he used to influence people and the deals and second…since these were largely private sector deals he also negotiated deals with people, companies, suppliers, vendors and contractors that often involved promises of future projects and business if they did him a solid favor then to get a deal to go through of a project finished below budget. He would be breaking a lot of Federal Acquisition Regulations if he employed half of his deal making strategies as President of the US.

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1939 Germany

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@Rjauri He reminds me more of Mussolini than Hitler.

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I am not an American, but some of my American friends tell me that Trump is much better as president than Obama was or than Hillary would be.

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you need a wider group of friends

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No, I have very fine friends. I do not need anyone who imagines criminals are great leaders.

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says the guy who worships a fraudster and sex offender.

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Who does that? Is Obama really a sex offender? I knew he is a fraud. No one should worship Obama the fraud who someone says is also a sex offender! His wife is rumored to be a man.

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