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Has Yahoo lost all relevancy in today's market?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) January 21st, 2016

Not long ago, I was a big fan of Yahoo News. I found that they concentrated on the most pressing issues of the day.
Now they embed ads in the news feed and I refuse to look at Yahoo news under any circumstance.

I’m still using Yahoo email as my primary account because I have since I started an internet account.
Yahoo has recently embedded an ad at the top of the mail feed that blinks, and changes (annoyingly). Worse yet, they’ve become more and more unreliable as to putting personal emails into the spam folder, and companies that I do business with into the trash folder.

Has Yahoo completely abandoned it’s (formerly) core business? I now use Google News, and if I find a new email provider I like, I’ll be done with Yahoo.

Can Yahoo reverse that trend, still?

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To answer your last question: No. They are on the downward slide to irrelevance. All because of their not-so-new CEO, Marissa Meyers.

They have been on the down slope for years, but she killed the company.

It will not be recognizable as an internet company in two years.

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They lost relevancy a long time ago.

Used to be you could create a “My Yahoo” page that was self tailored to one’s interests. But they keep “improving” it to add sponsored content to the point it is unusable.

I still have a yahoo mail account I use for privacy (it doesn’t have my name in the address) but these days it is mostly filled with spam.

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I use Yahoo movies to look up schedules but could get that info from many other sources. I can’t stand their “news.”

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I still have a yahoo mail account . When I use it on my fossil Dell running XP I do not get the ads. When I use the newer Win 7 machine I get that annoying message email at the top.
I still like yahoo finance and use it for monitoring stocks. It is anonymous and full of red herrings, not connected to any real account. I would use google for this but their tendrils are constantly trying to get deeper into my shorts. I try to give them crap.

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I don’t know about today’s market, but I know they lost a lot of relevance about 5 years ago.

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It’s sad.
While the giants are constantly looking for innovation, poor little Yahoo is embedding ads in their news feed. Alienating the dwindling customer base they did have, while attracting no new users.

When I started on the internet, Yahoo was tops. Pervasive, easy to use and all purpose. Now they seem to be wheezing along.

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I used to use a Yahoo Mail address but that account would fill up with spam so fast it was just too much hassle.

As much as I’m growing to resent Google for its intrusive practices, their spam filters are simply the best. In any given year I can count on the fingers of one hand the times I’ve found spam in my inbox.

Tons of it in the spam box which auto deletes in 30days if I want to look. But it’s not annoying me in my inbox.

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