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Can green lentils be used in a red lentil recipe?

Asked by janbb (57151points) January 21st, 2016

Want to make a new red lentil soup recipe but the supermarket only had greens. Should I look further for reds or will it not make much of a difference? I know that reds will look better but will they taste differently?

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Green lentils take a little while longer to cook. The flavor is essentially the same, IMHO, although I’ve heard comments that the red ones are sweeter, or nuttier, and the greens are a little pepperier more peppery.

With those differences in mind, I usually find my lentil dishes are more defined by the flavor profiles of the other ingredients I use.

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Going to keep looking for reds because they’ll look nicer but there is cumin, cilantro and lemon in the recipe so I suspect you are right.

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Also, the reds will cook up to be softer, whereas the greens will keep the shape, unless you stew them for hours like I tend to do.

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The answer is “yes”. The taste and consistency may be different than what was expected, but they will still “work”. Be bold! Go for it!


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Found red ones at a different store so I’ll use them.

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So…are you going to post the recipe?

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Let me make it first and see if it’s good. Or actually – you can Google it. It’s the NY Times red lentil soup recipe.

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It’ll be a yellow lentil recipe now..

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Made the soup this morning while in for the blizzard. It’s easy and delish!

Here’s the recipe:

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Ah. Looks great, but sounds too spicy for me. Just the thing when you’re hunkered down against a chill wind, though, I’d guess.

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