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Can you list YouTube, or free , videos to learn about the different parts of the computer?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17713points) January 21st, 2016

From cpu to sound cards. Can you list the different parts of the computer/laptop /pc? Also where can one learn how to improve, in order to be hired, for improving the different types of computer parts? Or at least can you show me entertaining computer videos that I can watch at night? Can one specialize in one specific part of the computer?

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Get a recent copy of “upgrading and repairing pc” by Scott mueller.

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Try this video to start with. It’s just over an hour long, but I believe it’s got some good information.

I have not heard of anyone specializing in one particular component of the computer. Most computer shops have a few technicians that can handle any repair.

I’m glad to see you exploring ideas for more study.

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If you want to go into circuit design, or programming drivers, then sure you can focus on one specific part of the computer, but in general these days, if you want a tech job, pick either software or hardware.

Either assemble the computer, or fix/replace components when it doesn’t work, or fix the software and troubleshoot when it doesn’t work properly.

Working in most shops will have you doing both, there’s just no sensible reason to have one tech dedicated to swapping sound cards.

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I’m far from an expert (like the very opposite thing) but this tutorial helped me fix my overheating laptop and it’s much better now.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me OK I ordered it from Amazon for $20.

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