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What are the weirdest/funniest troll stories on here?

Asked by ReadingHouses (110points) January 21st, 2016

Has anyone ever asked a question about how to shower? Etc. What happened within that discussion? Did it turn into an argument? How long did it take for the troll to get banned? I’m sure there are plenty to share in fluther and I’d like to here the most extreme cases

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My favorite is a guy named Randy. He came in many forms/names but always with Randy in part of the name. He would ask really odd questions, and honestly, I can’t remember even one of his questions, but he always ended his question with “I only want nice people to answer.” It became a bit of a joke on here.

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I’m so happy that Randy was the first answer.

We had a recurring troll that had a weird thing about windbreakers, too.

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I came too late to see any of the Randy thing you’re talking about, but it reminds me of something similar here: someone asked about how to persuade their mom to go to some kind of friend gathering, and ended their question with “please be nice because I’m only a child”.

Also a jelly here used to post at least four questions whining about how short they were. But when people came to give help they shot all responses down very rudely. Every thread they started got a lot of responses (and flame), and no one talked about anything other than their height.

Another weird troll I saw here was someone asking a long question about a dream with them and their crush. It was too long that Fluther couldn’t contain it all. Somehow in the middle of the discussion the troll managed to derail the thread to how good they were at school and other silly boastings. But they were careless enough to leave enough personal information for a jelly here to accurately locate them. Epic fail :p

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I wish we played with the trolls more often without banning them. They’re entertaining as hell.

To answer the details, questions about showering have, I’m certain, been asked by legitimate members. We used to have NSFW Saturday with one member who left a while back (same time I did, before coming back). Those were interesting questions.

And we have one or two current members who are basically trolls. I’m not calling for them to be banned, either, but OMG can they drill a theme into the ground.

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@Seek For details I meant not just about the shower but any thread, sorry for not being clear enough :p

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This one takes the cactus for me.

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Fluther’s continual and sporadic troll hasn’t been here in quite a while. He considers himself to be “provocative.”

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I agree 100% with @Seek as trolls are like Cat Nip for me…the more you nibble on them the more fun they are!

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Someone did just recently ask about how we wash our legs, but I think they were serious.

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@Mimishu1995 , Haha! Do you have links for those? Wait, somebody located one? What did they do?
@Earthbound_Misfit, Laughing so hard cactus needles went flying.
I dearly needed this tonight.

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Pointing out a troll is kind of like pointing out a terrorist or a drug pusher, depending on your perspective or orientation, it can be anyone or done in any manner. The question linked was more usual Fluther fluff than anything, as the answer is logically clear, if you end up with a cactus stuck up your arse and can’t remove it, you suck it up, tuck your pride away and go to the ER. There have been many trollish questions here over the years, but because they were in line with the thinking of the masses, they were not seen that way. Go back in the South in the ‘30s and ask anyone of they were murderers for lynching a Black person, and I am sure they would have said no, or said nothing at best, but they would never acknowledge the truth.

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Just a few days ago there was a guy who had the username “ngrfgt” (which, as confirmed by urbandictionary, means niggerfaggot), and tried to convince people that it meant something that he quite obviously pulled out of his rectum, and tried to claim that “nigger” just means idiot and is not racist in the least.
The guy was not even trying.

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The one who asked what it takes to get the right neo-nazi look was probably the most entertaining troll I remember here.

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Oh, he was fun.

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I had a couple of drinks too, just made my night when we all took the bait on that. Simple pleasures…

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I remember a few years ago, a new user asked “Do you pee in the shower?” It got modded off. He or she probably got kicked out of the building. I couldn’t help wondering, if a long time Jelly asked the same thing would it be modded off?

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Never remember any of them as they’re instantly forgettable, I don’t use the word “troll” either, prefer “cuntmuffin”

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“I couldn’t help wondering, if a long time Jelly asked the same thing would it be modded off?”

In lieu of any other info, perhaps not:

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Zack.. He trolled so hard he was tracked down and Andrew had to call his parents about it.

This was probably around 2008.

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Too bad that discussion is closed. I have the correct answer for it.

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^^ Wow, one of the most “Flutherable” questions on the face of the Earth, they should dub that a masterpiece of inane reason. ~~

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