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Fluff time: how many days, weeks, etc. into the year is it more than a societal faux pas to have all your Christmas gear in place and working every night?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) January 22nd, 2016

To put the cookies on the lower shelf, all the lights, inflatables, animatronics, etc. are going full force as it was during the Christmas season, but now it is a new year and they have not been mothballed until Dec. or even left in place but not lit up every night. Maybe people get busy but how far into the New Year can you get a pass for leaving them up? When does it become a bizarre sight and a running joke to not only have your Christmas regalia going at night when Christmas is well passed?

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Believers keep decorations up through January 6, Epiphany, when the Three Wise Men arrived. Catholic Churches keep Christmas stuff up until the second Sunday after Epiphany.

Eastern Orthodox Christians don’t even celebrate Christmas until January 7th on the Gregorian Calendar, so they get a pass until the end of January.

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christmas should be illegal on the threat of death!

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Anything after 12th Night is excessive.

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I still have lights in the trees and bushes only because the cords are frozen in the snow but I stopped turning them off Jan 1st as I customarily do every Christmas season. I sense most anyone else who still has Xmas decor still up is in the same boat.

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Since January is so depressing, I leave my Christmas lights on until Feb. 1st.

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All of them.

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