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East coast are you faring with the 2016 blizzard?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) January 22nd, 2016

How goes it? How much snow do you have? Do you have power?

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I do have power. We have 12 inches of snow at this point. With more expected.
I have my peanut butter and diet pepsi so I’m good to go.

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That is a LOT of snow @chyna! Do you have a lot of shoveling ahead of you?

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I have shoveled 3 times today already so my dog can get out to potty. I haven’t even worried about shoveling out my driveway yet. That will be my all day job tomorrow.

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Just make a team of snowmen, @chyna . Roll them across your drive, then set them up along the edge like sentries. :-)

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00:31 local time. Atlanta, GA.

Out of cigarettes. Fluthering and drinking a Aecht Schlenferla Rauchbier (Smoke Beer) as I wait for the car to warm and defrost. (Just enough snow to cover the windows).

The summer Nitto NeoGen performance tires will never get up to temperature so I will be feathering the pedals.

Not exactly the greatest collection of hardships.

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I heard it’s not gonna be much here in Boston. Just a few inches tomorrow. Nothing here yet.

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We had pounding sleet all day long. It finally eased off around around 11pm, and we’re expecting minor amounts of snow all day tomorrow. I’m happy, the power is still on but my partner is not; there were stuck vehicles blocking the road and she wasn’t able to come home from work, so she’s sleeping there tonight until her shift starts in the morning.

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Depending on where I look it looks like we have 10 to 12 inchs of snow. It’s not coming down strong yet but the worse is still to come later today. It’s about 1am now in Northern VA. The last few hours has been a little bit of a mix. It’s quite not sleet but not really soft like snowflakes. It falls faster than snow and is wetter.
My little dog had to get up the courage to go out an pee and poo. She was fine with running around in it for the first 2 inches, after that she lost her nerve. She finally went out when she couldn’t hold it any long. :(
Poor thing.

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Sounds like good stuff for sculpting.

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It just started here about 6:30 this morning, coming down hard, should be a good day for cooking and reading and movies and hunkering down. I’ll shovel a few times to keep an area available for the dogs, then do the lion’s share of clean up tomorrow. They’re predicting 15”, I’ll be happy if it’s overhyped.

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Blizzard conditions here now. Started as light snow but became heavy and windy overnight. Hard to tell how much because of drifts; maybe 6 – 8 inches so far. Supposed to snow all day. Just hope the power holds.

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As of 8:30 a.m. just a dusting. On the news, big snow all over in @janbb‘s neck of the woods and NYC. I’m a little north. I woke up very excited but could see green grass mostly with dust on top. I went out and turned my car around so it’s facing out of the driveway. I live on a hill and it will be easier to pull out than to back out. I am going to have a great day in the house and I’m glad it’s Saturday. No dilemma as to whether or not to try to make it to work.

I hear big wind, too. House is nice and toasty inside. Daughter is at my parents’ house so I have peace and get to watch what I want on TV, which means the last few episodes of “The Tudors” on Netflix.

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@jca I’m glad you’re here. My Inlaws are staying just north of you, and my MIL was very nervous about a big snowfall when they were planning their trip weeks ago. She would be freaked if a few feet came down I think.

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Boston area jelly reporting in. So far it’s been surprisingly fine….suspiciously fine.

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Reporting from the D.C. area. There’s about a 1.5’ accumulation from overnight, and we’re about to get pounded by an afternoon blizzard into this evening.

My husband and I have been keeping up with the shoveling. It hasn’t really snowed here in 6 years, so we can’t complain too much. Along with all our neighbors, we’re staying upbeat about everything.

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My co-manager and I were frantically trying to funnel customers out of our store so we could close after the GM texted us to “SHUT IT DOWN SNOW IS COMING BAD.” I drove to my painting class which was summarily canceled and then drove home and cracked open the rum and watched the doppler radar and awaited the impending doom, and then… nothing. Woke up today to a light dusting and clear roads. Talk about being a tease.

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I would say we now have about 10 -12 inches and more coming down heavily. So far the power is still on which is the most important. Winds wax and wane. Went out to do some shoveling but it is very heavy and a lot so I couldn’t do much. Will wait until tomorrow; may have to pay someone.

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Well latest up date. I have about 3 ft of snow which may not seem much to most people in the really colder places but I’m only 5 feet. I just spent and hour and a half digging a path from my door and my garage door to the street where the snow is a little lower because they plowed early this morning. We were also able to liberate half of my car. We had to stop. The snow is heavy snow. Not that really light fluffy stuff and the winds are still blowing, but I wanted to at least have a path to walk out of in case I can’t drive our cars out because it all turns to ice. The only good thing is it doesn’t feel really cold but then I was shoveling, so you get warm fast.

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@Pandora 3 ft is a lot almost everywhere in one snowfall I think.

What state are you in?

It reminds me if the winter if ‘78—’‘79 when I was little. The snow was so deep. My little sister was walking on top of it, and then it gave way and she sink in up to her armpits. Stuck. Lol. It was unbelievable.

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@JLeslie , Northern Va, about 26 miles from DC. I know people in Michigan who think it’s nothing.
I think it has more to do with the way the wind is always blowing crap to the front of my house. Across the street it is maybe 6 inches lower because all the snow gets whipped up and blown at the front of my house. The path I just dug out now has 4 inches of new snow in the last hour and half, because we are getting more snow blowing down and the wind is also picking up snow on the ground and drifting it back to my house. Funny (ok, not funny) thing is that it also doing the same thing in the back. It keeps blowing new snow and then funnel it down to my back yard and doesn’t seem to hit my neighbor on either side. I’m convinced Mother Nature hates me. I dug a path this morning for my dog and now it is a foot deep again.

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@Pandora I just spoke to my mom. She is in MD 30 minutes outside of DC. She said the houses across the street the snow on the roof is thin and she can even see parts of the roof. On her roof it’s 4 ft high.

Her neighbors dug her out. Her front door, and the path to the sidewalk. The snow plow piles the snow up against the cars, so the streets are cleared, but she can’t get her car out.

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As of now I would say it is about 3.5 feet to 4 and 5 in some areas where the wind has blown it.

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@Pandora HS That is a ton of snow and the only people I know who can respect what you are dealing with are from Buffalo NY! You win the golden snow shovel award!

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@janbb I saw the floods on the Jersey shore. Are you ok?

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I looked outside this morning and it doesn’t seem to be too much. There’s too many buildings to tell how high but I think it’s more than 3 inches.

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@chyna No flooding by me and friends in AP are ok. Belmar was flooded and a friend lives there but he’s in Tucson right now and away from the ocean a bit anyway.

Didn’t lose power which is great; about 2 feet of snow though and it’s heavy. Gonna take a while to dig or get dug out.

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@Cruiser Nah, Upstate like Buffalo would win because, there is no way I would do what you guys do winter after winter. Whenever the snows miss us you guys and Vermont and NH, get all that crap several times during the winter. This only hits once every couple of years here. 2010 was pretty bad. We wouldn’t be out of one storm but a few days, when we would get pounded again. I’m hoping this year is not a repeat of then. I’m 6 years old and not necessarily stronger. I’m only typing on here to keep my hand from stiffening up. I was out for 5 hours shoveling and my hands and shoulders have had it. Hopefully a little global warming will take care of this headache sooner than later. We built a 6 foot wall of snow on one side and another 6 to 7 foot wall on the other side of my drive way, just so we could get out. Of course the snow plow came and plowed about 3 feet high extra hard chunky ice that we had to dig out of in front of our driveway after only being about 4 ft closer to getting to the road. Bastards!

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@Pandora The way I understand it, global warming could cause more snow. That’s why they changed it to be called climate change. I don’t read up on it much, so I don’t know if that’s just Hollywood in my head (think about the movie Day After Tomorrow) or real science.

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The normal temperatures of the oceans are crucial to what our global weather will do. Global warming has caused ocean warming. The warming has caused unusual melting at the poles. That melting at the poles has dumped incredible and in some ways intolerable cooling in areas where the cooling will cause major shifts in the flow, direction, and salination of the ocean currents. Those changes result in changes of air flow and temperature. So, it began with global warming, but that warming caused many other changes to the planet resulting in erratic weather systems.
This guy shows some of the changes taking place, informative if you can survive the um um ums

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As a micro-example of how global warming impacts winters, consider lake effect.

Lake-effect snowstorms happen when winds (1) move across water and pick up moisture, (2) slow when they hit a shoreline, because the ground has more friction than water, (3) rise rapidly, because there’s no place else for those crowded, compacted air and water molecules to go, and (4) condense into storm clouds.

If a lake is frozen, there can be no lake effect. The wind doesn’t gather moisture from ice, just from water.

During recent years, the large lakes are freezing less often, later in the winter, and earlier during springtime. Thus, unfrozen lakes are generating more frequent, heavier snowstorms in their surrounding areas.

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