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I'm tired of making no money, what else am I qualified to do?

Asked by tinyfaery (42865points) July 24th, 2008

I have a grad degree in a liberal arts/social science. I have experience in human resources, accounts payable and receivable, case management, mental health, and retail. I refuse to work in a “traditional office” because I don’t want to cover my tattoos; same goes with traditional retail. One of my clients (with oh so many problems) just got a job that pays more than mine does. That’s it! I need a job that pays more money. What kind of work is out there for a girl like me?

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Write us a bestseller!

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My suggestion, not knowing you at all, is to rifle some curricula all around and then check each offer you will receive until you find one that meets your needs.

Selecting working offers previously and then applying just to the ones you believe that will better fit you in my opionion will decrease dramatically the chances you will actually get a new and better job.

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curricula = resume?

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what kind of job did your client get?

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All sorts of non traditional businesses need some of the skills you have (office skills) parlors, car garages, indie clothing designers, theatrical productions, any type of creative office like advertising agencies or graphic arts places…all those places still have bills to pay, offices to manage and the like..and they’ll appreciate you for your skills AND uniqueness (is that a word?!?)

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Consider HR in a high technology company. You are on the West Coast. The dress code standard for those types of companies is very relaxed, and they pay better than social service.

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I second the vote of a technology company. You could also try an advertising company or a creative agency. And you don’t have to stick to HR, you could try recruiting too.

Basically any company with a more creative vibe and/or laid-back atmosphere isn’t going to hassle you about your tattoos. I know a few folks who work at HR for Google and they are tremendously happy with their careers, so good luck!

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Liberal Arts and Social Science eh? That’s quite the interesting mix. I definitly suggest working with a few start up web 2.0 companies based on social interaction. That would be a good way to get off your feet and into a lucrative field. You should also start a blog for yourself in your spare time; related to your field of course. Even though I make money in my field I started a design blog on the side. I’ve already been offered a few perks from people who want mentions on the blog, nothing major, but it’s little things like that which could help you in the long run.

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You posted this a long time ago, but since you have experience in human resources, (i’m thinking i wanna take that and do that for my future) how is it?

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