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ACE Hardware commercial?

Asked by peggylou (1136points) July 24th, 2008

Folks, this is a rather selfish request, I realize. Nevertheless, it has not stopped me from tapping the collective. Our son, Andrew, currently has a national commercial for ACE hardware running on TV. But as hard as we try, we can’t find it. If any of you have seen or see this commercial in which Andrew plays the “ACE Hardware Guy,” would you please let us know on which TV station you’ve seen it and, especially, which TV show were you watching when you saw the commercial. Many thanks!

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That sounds like something someone would tell there mother if they were really doing something else. strange it is so hard to find.

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Never thought of that, Ebenezer! You haven’t seen it, have you?

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no, but I don’t have any ace hardwares near me either.

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hmm, I really have to stop fast forwarding over the commercials. If I find it ya want me to record it and send Christy a copy for you? That is if I see it. I’m still looking for the beer commercial.

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That’d be great, cooksalot! (Wish I knew who you are!)

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Just one of the Squash Squad. LOL!

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hi im in the same commercial with andrew im joseph its still playing i still havent seen it

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