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What are the benefits of being tall?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) July 24th, 2008

My friend, doesn’t seem to understand, that there are also good points in being tall, but instead she tends to find all the reasons of why she hates being tall. Honestly, she isn’t even over average for height, maybe breaking a stereotypical ‘asians are short’ thing, but what could I tell her to keep her confidence in herself up?.. or in this case.. make her realize that it isn’t bad to be tall?

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How tall is she? Just curious.

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Closer to Jebus.

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Lol, she’s only 5’7, already considered ‘tall’

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she is fishing for compliments? what is so hard about being a 5 foot 7 girl. That is like being a 6 foot 1 guy. Give me a break.

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My g/f is 5’7”, its just a bit above average height. I think her height is perfect for me.

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I think she just needs to get over herself. I’m 5’3” but I’d love to be 5’7”... I guess we just all aren’t happy with what we have. (don’t get me wrong- I like my height. I just wouldn’t be complaining if I were 5’7”.)

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Tall becomes “bad” for girls a lot sooner than it does for guys. For guys, it usually leads to a perceived increase in attractiveness. For a girl, it becomes the opposite fairly quickly, because there aren’t many guys who want to be with a girl who’s taller than they are.

Sorry, I don’t actually have an answer for the OP—just a friend (or two) who has given me an understanding of the dissatisfaction involved. But 5’ 7’’ really isn’t that tall. And this is coming from a guy who’s 5’ 6’’. I think I have far more reason to complain, but don’t we all like to play the martyr? :-)

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Tall people make better rock climbers.

Tall people can spike a volleyball.

Tall people can find a motorcycle that fits them.

Tall people are taken more seriously when working security.

Tall people carry weight easier than short people.

Tall people look better in their clothes.

Tall people can reach items on the top shelves at the grocery store.

(I’m 5’ 0” and these are all personal frustrations.)

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One word “Concert”

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Tall people are paid more and promoted more.

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Easier time seeing what’s going on when in a crowd. Plus, lots of people find tall women attractive. Statistically, I think they have fewer health problems overall too.

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Chicks like it, but once you’re over 6’4 or so, nothing is made for you. Clothes, airplanes, buses, cars, mirrors, doorways, sheez.

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I’m not a cocky or conceited person, but I consider myself pretty good at basketball. I’m only 5’8”. I wish I was tall enough to play proffesionally.

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16 years old. Junior in High School. Female. 6’2”, yeah not easy to fit in well, but I deal with it and I have come to love my height. You can see over people at the football games though :)

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