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What's your opinion of, or experience with, potassium chloride as a salt (sodium chloride) substitute?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) January 27th, 2016

This isn’t really an idle question about salt substitutes.
One of my favorite seasoning blends is Cavender’s Greek Seasoning.

I knew they made Cavender’s Salt Free, so today I sought it out. I was expecting an all herbal blend, but instead they have substituted potassium chloride for the sodium.

I’ve not been impressed with potassium chloride in the past, taste wise, and I’m not certain as to side/health effects.

Do you think I should give it a go, or steer clear? Why?

Diamond Crystal Salt Sense was the only pure salt substitute Consumer Reports recommended.

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it’s still salt but may be better if you have blood pressure problems. It’s really going to come down to your personal taste.

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All the salt substitutes you cited all seem to still have high levels of sodium. If your dietary desire is no salt/sodium than what you list is IMO not a good option as they all have substantial levels of sodium. Opt for adding spices instead and I would reach for fresh herbs and spices and in short order you won’t notice the absence of salt/sodium in the taste of your meals.

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Cavender’s Salt Free had the wrong link, but is salt free, and the basis for the question.

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