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With millions already displaced and seeking asylum in the Middle East, where will Finland, Sweden and Germany deport 10's of thousands of refugees already in Europe [Detail/link]?

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They will get a free ride back to where they came from.

Swedish Migration Minister Morgan Johansson said authorities faced a difficult task in deporting such large numbers, but insisted failed asylum seekers had to return home.

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They are returned to the last port / airport they arrived from if sending them back to their home country isn’t an option. If the escaped Syria via Jordan or Lebanon they will be sent there and left to fend for themselves in a refugee camp.

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I don’t see how that’s possible, @cazzie.
Physically, much less from a humanitarian standpoint.

It’s like when Trump was claiming he was going to deport 17,000 illegal immigrants a day.

Wouldn’t it be just about as humane to force them into the ocean, en mass, sink-or-swim. If the West is worried about ‘radicalizing’ militants, I can’t think of likely course to extremism than having a compassionate hand extended, tasting freedom and hope, then being shoved back into the savage pit of permanent mass refugee camps.

It’s insanity. Sociopathic foreign aid.

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@ibstubro They do it here. They do it quite a bit here. The other countries don’t always like it.

These Pakistanis will be sent back to Russia because that is the place they came from to get to Norway.

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Have they done it on the scale of 10,000’s? @cazzie

You know, it really pisses me off that the news is now a moving target.
The link I posted in the OP has been totally amended.
This was more nearly the OP link.

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Norway is a small country. There are US cities with the same population as this entire country, so….. everything is relative.

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Wherever they came from.

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