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Will you bid a fond farewell to Paul Kantner - founding member of both Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship - who died Thursday?

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We have lost so many Icons of the great music of the 60’s 70’s in the last 2 weeks, that I am exhausted trying to keep up with these now daily passings.

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We are reaching that age evidently. Adios Paul; I enjoyed your talent. You helped write the soundtrack to my life.

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It’s an Eskimo Blue Day for sure….

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@rojo: I’m feeling the same way, too. I’m feeling like all these famous people that are 20 and 30 years older, that I grew up with, are now dropping like flies. Plus friends who have not taken care of themselves and are only a few years older are dropping, too.

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Bad year for performers.

Kantner was another cultural icon. So long…

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Yes, is seems like the performers that were in the prime of their life – that defined my youth by knowing exactly what I was feeling and setting it in music – are succumbing to age.

It’s a shock when the occasional ‘untimely loss’ starts to be a steady drumbeat.

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How they changed through the years as did we. Jefferson Airplane tied up with Vietnam, in my mind. One of the bands who’s music was a part of the soundtrack of a crazy, horrible period of time. If only you believe in miracles- of being played on the radio after banned for being a titch too graphic.Then switching to Starship, then Jefferson Starship, and ‘We built this city’ to salute your SanFran roots. Mr. Kantner, thank you for being part from the beginning onward. You made it all sound so much better.

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@msh: My all time favorite song of theirs is If only you believe in miracles. I love love love that song!

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I knew every word and note of Surrealistic Pillow. I loved the band, especially Grace Slick’s sound.

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Oh man…I didn’t know. I was obsessed with Starships “Windows of heaven” CD about 10 years ago. I am super duper bummed out, fuck..all the greats are dying. One of my favorites.

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