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What is up with all the angry faces?

Asked by Jak (3600points) January 29th, 2016

The only pictures of Carly Fiorina that I ever see are really unflattering. I mean expression-wise. Without fail her facial expressions are almost comical in their extreme violence of emotion, which appears to be mainly anger.
Are there more calm moments of her that could be used? Is the press being unfair to her? Or is this really all she’s giving them to work with?
I admit that I have never listened to her speak.

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She is an angry, bitter woman, when she ran for the Senate in California, she never smiled. To paraphrase my mother, she’s so cold butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

And, she was a lousy CEO that drove a good company into the ground.

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The truth is that Carly is really James Bond villain Rosa Klebb(Lotte_Lenya)

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I think she just doesn’t photograph well. She wears an expression of more or less perpetual irritation that is now apparently a habit.

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Funny, I Googled Carly Fiorina and 6 of the 10 images showed her smiling, including the first one.

I challenge you to find an image of Donald Trump smiling where he appears to express happiness rather than smugness, and where the smile reaches his eyes.

Is it just me, or does Ted Cruz look like he just squeezed off a ‘silent but deadly’ one.
“Awww, did baby make a poot!?”

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While being aware that I can google any question on this site, I chose to raise the question that popped into my head here in this q&a community when I saw yet another unflattering photo of her that someone shared on fb. I wondered if the press were deliberately…. well it was in the original question. While your observations about Trump and Cruz are noted, they really are a non sequitur. I wasn’t attacking the woman, I just wondered. (Compelling music begins on violin) And in wondering remembered this place. (music swells, sweet lone piccolo high above)This marvelous place for a meeting of the minds. (Cymbals crash!) lone figure in trenchcoat and fedora pulled low, suspicious rabbit ears and poofy tail in evidence- “Nyah, dat OK wit’ you doc?

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But even when Carly is smiling, she often does so with closed mouth and looks like she is squeezing out a dry turd. We saw so much of her here in California and she is not a nice person at all, and was a lousy ungracious loser too.

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” I saw yet another unflattering photo of her that someone shared on fb.”
“Is the press being unfair to her?”

i.e. your question is a non sequitur, unless you contend that the members of the press are vetting Carly Fiorina photos through your FB account.

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Or put another way, @Jak, your contention is that photos posted to your FB account are more representative of common press usage than the top 10 images in a Google search?

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I contend nothing. I ask. I wondered if the press were being unfair to her by using such unflattering poses for some agenda. I would guess that I do have some filters on my fb account so that I get more liberal news sources, so that is probably a factor. Again, I admit to not knowing anything about her. But I have no agenda here, whatever you’re trying to say.

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Carly Fiorina is enough off of my radar that I admit to not seeing a picture of her in the past couple weeks, at least.
But then I’m not sharing photos of her within your FB group.

Your question is not about the press, but about the bias your Facebook account presents in regard to Carly Fiorina’s facial expression:
…when I saw yet another unflattering photo of her that someone shared on fb. I wondered if the press were deliberately…

non sequitur: a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.
Your FB account is not representative of the press

If you want to open a question about the press’s use of unflattering head shots to influence public opinion in the US presidential race, a comparison of the top search results for images of the top contenders (which does not, technically, include Fiorina) is only reasonable.

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Fiorina is a study in the peculiarities defining American politics. The woman is completely lacking in any of the superficial necessities required in a popularity contest. She exudes all the charm of a cinder block, and the expression on her face ranges between annoyance and disappointment Often, politicians suffering such disabilities bring compensating traits to bear such as wit or eloquence. After all, Lincoln was nobody’s beauty queen. But I frankly can’t understand how any factor other than her enormous wealth allowed her to proceed as far as she did. Weird.

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