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Is Donald Trump now unstoppable [see details]?

Asked by ucme (50031points) January 30th, 2016

^^ That article gives a convincing argument in favour of such an unlikely scenario, one previously thought of as so preposterously nightmarish that it couldn’t possibly be true…could it?

Was going to put this in general but hey, social allows for a more relaxed, fun approach & this could get amusing, so go ahead…laugh it up!

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“The choice is no longer about what do I want the most. It’s what do I mind the least.

It will be like watching a runaway train derail in super slow motion.

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I think the author misunderstands the American presidential nominating process.
Donald Trump does not have a lock on Iowa.
Iowa does not speak for the nation.
The polls do not speak for Iowa.

I think the point of a lot of these “Trump is Going to Win the Presidency!” headlines is to wake the rest of the electorate up and get them to vote against him.
I believe that will happen.

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In the end, the Electoral College picks. But the Republican party don’t even want Trump as their candidate.

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We have yet to cast the first vote and the race has been called. By the BBC no less. I think we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. I will agree that we have few good choices. On either side of the isle. That really is the problem. The choices started out as “what do I mind the least.”

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Every conceivable, sane rationale tells you he surely has no chance & yet…& yet!

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@ucme nailed it. I feel sick when I think he might win and honestly don’t think he will… and yet…

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