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Help I get really sharp headaches what does it mean?

Asked by Nero123 (1points) July 25th, 2008

it hurts soo much my head is spinning and i feel like vomiting most of he time my skin changess texture from pinkish to pale white I need Advise I am kinda scared!!!

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Seek medical attention asap…hopefully someone can give you a lift to the doctor (don’t drive yourself whatever you do!). Take care.

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Might be Migraine. My mom gets it all the time, is the pain more ‘inside’ the head from usual headaches? Check with a doctor asap, there is plenty of medication that can treat it, don’t worry.

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I took a Naproxen which is usually used for Anti Inflammation is can be used for headaches and this is crazy it hurts even more now because now Its morning and I still have it

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its everywhere in my head its really painful I tried everything

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Call your doctor.

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Definitely get medical attention ASAP. Until then, try all the normal headache killers: Drink lots of water, lay off the alcohol, continue your normal daily routines (if you drink coffee, drink a normal cup; if you smoke, smoke a normal amount). Sometimes swerving off your “normal” routine can trigger a headache. If it’s not a migraine (vision problems, etc.) there are some good homeopathic remedies that work for some people some of the time.

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It means you should go get checked out by a doctor.

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Not to beat a dead horse here, but there is no substitute for prompt medical attention, especially when you are having a severe headache. There are many things this could be, ranging from benign tension headaches to life-threatening strokes. Until you (or anyone) have a definitive diagnosis of migraine (or other, somewhat benign headache), a severe “worst-of-your-life” headache needs emergency attention! Good luck.

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Stop banging your head and turn the music down.

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