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If I sing into a microphone, will I sound closer to what I think I sound like?

Asked by Nevada83 (825points) January 30th, 2016

I sound absolutely pathetic recorded, but to me, I sound INSANELY good. Is there any way I can really sound like that?

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I’d love to know. My own voice sounds lovely when heard from inside my brain, but like a bad Jacqueline Kennedy impersonation when recorded. I often wonder which voice is heard by other people.

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I feel the same way. You probably need a better record in system.

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No. You’ll pretty much sound the same as when in the shower except the acoustics might be different if you are in a bigger room.

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I recorded a school project when I was in high school. When I played it back, I went numb. I asked my mother if I really sounded like that. She insisted that it sounded just the same as I always sound. If I had not recorded it myself, I would swear it was Jody Foster.
I asked around, playing my recording for everyone. They all insisted it sounded like me.
Since then, I have seen many people record themselves. I have heard tons of phone messages. Recordings are usually pretty accurate. Of course, the grade of the recording makes a difference.
Lots of people believe they are wonderful singers who should never sing outside of their shower. If your singing is not beautiful, don’t let that break your heart.

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