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How many jellie twins, triplets, quadruplets are allowed?

Asked by msh (4262points) January 31st, 2016 from iPhone

How many alaises are allowed for each person in total here?

Just wondering.
No, not Facebook, not speaking of that jellie milieus.
Just here.

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Up to the Mods. Case by case.

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Generally speaking, you’re allowed to have a sock puppet account as long as they don’t interact with each other, and you’re not being fraudulent.

For example, I was told “no” when I asked if I could make an account for arguing the side of a debate I normally wouldn’t side with, to improve my debate skills. The reasoning being that the other people in the discussion wouldn’t know it was me pretending, and that’s basically trolling.

However, if you want a sock puppet account to ask personal questions anonymously, that’s allowed.

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Why would anyone need triple or quadruple if they’re not bing deceptive?

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But those were at different times or for whatever reason people switched.

They were not simultaneous.

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@Buttonstc read the thread again. There are some people who use more than one account simultaneously.

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As stated above, we are allowed another account for questions we don’t want linked to our main account. It’s allowed for privacy issues.

I’ve often deleted my account and came back as someone new for anonymity. When you’ve been here forever people often make assumptions about your questions based on previous posts. It’s nice to get feedback by being anonymous and not have answers based on assumptions and quotes from the past.

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More than one, yes. fine. But not more than two or three. That’s what this Q was asking. More than 2–3.

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You can go full siamese when answering cat questions…if you please.

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The moment I read your little bit of cleverness, I heard the voice of Pegg Lee singing that.


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@Buttonstc Da do doo do aim to purr-leeze.

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And here’s a bonus from the Disney archives. The production meeting with her and Sonny Burke discussing how the song was created.

Ain’t YouTube wonderful? No telling what one can find :)

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I love it when the answers go “off the trolley tracks” ! ! !
Great job @ucme.

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Bum ba bum woof…

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I think I should be entitled to one Fluther identity for each of the voices inside my head. I’ve been wearing an aluminum-foil cap, but I think I’ve just been trapping the voices inside, not keeping them out.

@Tropical_Willie Is this far enough off the tracks? :-) Ah, it’s Monday, the sky’s grey and gloomy, and I’m in search of some levity.

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@Love_my_doggie Make sure you have aluminum foil around your ankles, so you are grounded.
And about your voices; Thorazine will help with the voices.

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I know there is at least one member that has 3 accounts, and used to keep all three active. I once asked him why, and he declined to answer.
So I don’t know.
I’ve only ever had one account, but for a brief time I couldn’t log in and opened a new, obviously duplicate account.

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I have met and heard about some others.
Not all for kind reasons.
Some to ‘hide’?
Some afraid to take responsibility for all their answers.
Sad, that.

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