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Live tv on iPod touch?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) July 25th, 2008 from iPhone

any apps coming in the app store that will somehow allow live tv on iPod touch?

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I would not think so. You could try going to a website thar broadcasts live tv channels. But that’s the only way. They may release some Apple TV app.

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I believe Slingbox (www is working on an app to stream your TV at home live to your iPhone/iPod Touch. I think it’s been done before on other mobile devices but it originally started with laptops. You would have to buy a Slingbox and the app if it’s not free. And of course it would need a wifi connection to work. If your talking about a physical antenna then I don’t think it will ever happen because of past failures, Apples policies against 3rd party accesories

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, and the fact that standard antennas stop working next February in the US.

Sorry for the two responses.

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It’s definitely possible for a live TV system on iPod Touch because it has all the framework and video capabilities for playing live videos. (Youtube anyone?) Apple may release a video download store for renting movies and TV shows. Sling may release one as well. You would need a fast network, but with the iPod’s b/g wifi it may not work as expected and may periodically need to buffer.

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There’s no real way to play live TV on an iPod touch because it doesn’t contain the necessary hardware to receive an antennae or satellite signal.

What probably WILL be possible is the ability to play streamed video. Like Sling.

@ukasaka – YouTube isn’t live video at all, it’s online streaming video. And Apple already has released a video download store for renting movies and purchasing TV shows- it’s called iTunes. As for downloading videos over the air directly on the iPod touch itself, Apple intentionally left this functionality out and made the iTunes Wi-Fi store music-only because of bandwidth issues and download speeds.

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@jballou – Your right. It’s Apple playing with us.

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