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When it comes to [heat] cooking, is grapefruit the neglected citrus?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) February 1st, 2016

When it comes to heated cooking, it seems like:
***recipes that incorporate lemon and lime abound;
***recipes that include orange are not uncommon;
***recipes that call for grapefruit are rare, at least in my experience in (largely) Western cooking.

Rest assured, I’ll do a brief search after posting this question, but I wondered if there were tried-and-true or family favorites out there people would care to share.

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Well, when I was in high school in Home Ec, we had to make broiled grapefruit. I love it so much raw that I would not cook with it although I do not eat it now because of its effects on medication.

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I wonder why there isn’t more marketing hype about grapefruit?

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Yeah, grapefruit hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, maybe because it hasn’t been widely available on the European market, which has been the center of culinary innovation until quite recently.

The best hot use I’ve seen for grapefruit has been in the form of a gratin . You remove the sections, saving any juice that results from the sectioning, and arrange them nicely in a gratin dish. Then you make a sabayon using the juice, a dash of sweet white wine, a few egg yolks and some raw sugar, all whisked over a bain-marie until fluffy. You spoon the sabayon over the grapefruit sections and broil just until the sabayon starts to color.

The tartness and bitterness of the grapefruit is a perfect foil for the sweet richness of the sabayon.

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Could also be because grapefruit is Satan’s Citrus.

Srsly. Yuck.

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I have had grilled grapefruit sections in a salad, a nice contrast to a raspberry vinaigrette dressing and greens.

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I have heard of broiled grapefruit, @marinelife, never tried it.

I read a bit about grapefruit, @stanleybmanly and it’s a relatively new fruit in that Ruby Red wasn’t developed until 1929. I still don’t see why the earlier, white grapefruit juice wasn’t used in cooking more.

Looks delicious, @thorninmud!
Grapefruit Sabayon Gratin
Grapefruit Dessert Recipe Grapefruit Sabayon Brulee

‘Grilled grapefruit sections’ sounds amazingly tedious, @zenvelo, but delicious.

Grapefruit Grilled Chicken

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