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How do you get the url of only one part of all those podcasts?

Asked by flo (12974points) February 1st, 2016

I just want the “Russian Regrets? Crimeans disenchanted 2 years after annexation – Jan. 26, 2016 (3/3)” part. If you click on the Download…. it only enables you to hear it,

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You could use iTunes to download just the episode you want.

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Here’s the link for the “Russian Regrets?” podcast:

It’s a cast from CBC radio, so it probably only has an audio portion.

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@Brian1946 Wow, how did you find that?. Thanks so much. What is the significance of 71390?

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Would you believe that RedDeerGuy1 is the webmaster for CBC radio and he sent me the link? ;-)

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If not, then would you believe that all the podcast episodes and their links are listed below Anna Tremonti’s beaming visage?

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I understand @Brian1946

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