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If a great plastic surgeon was going to give you free plastic surgery, and your job was going to give you paid leave for recovery, would you accept the gift of the surgery and what would you have done?

Asked by jca (35979points) February 1st, 2016

This question is inspired by the recent question asking “How many of us have had plastic surgery?”

It got me thinking if I could get free surgery, of course only if the surgeon had a great reputation, and get the time off work for recovery, what would I get done?

I am not considering plastic surgery, just wondering what others would get if they could get it without financial burden.

I’ll answer with my own desires later.

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I don’t know. There are certainly areas of my body I’d like to have lifted, reduced and just made prettier again. However, I’d be worried about things going wrong. Infections/scarring etc. I remember my sister having a tummy tuck. The wound became infected and it looked like a shark attack! It was horrible. So I’m not sure. I think if I felt very confident about the surgeon, I’d definitely consider it. I’d want to get good advice on what to have done.

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No, not my thing. I’d rather get $20,000 of body work instead of a face lift. lol

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Nope. If it must be elective surgery I would use the money/time to have my nasal passages enlarged (Septoplasty)

no amount of surgery is going to fix my looks anyway

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My feet are kinda square….been told they look like a block so I would jump at the chance to have them worked on so I could fit into these

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I’ve never had any cosmetic surgery. But if I did then I’d have some hair put on the top of my head.

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No unecessary surgery for me, please. I will not put my body at even a small risk for somethint I do not need.

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Well, ideally the donating doctor would be a cosmetic dentist. If have my whole mouth redone in titanium tonight if I could.

If I couldn’t have that, I’d, possibly, have a tummy tuck. I tend to have itchy scars, though, so I might not do it even if it were gifted.

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No. I’m fine.

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Like @Earthbound_Misfit, I’m not going to take much of anything off the table, but I want good advice from, like, Cher’s doctor.

The hereditary bags under my eyes and maybe 10 pounds of lipo, for sure.

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@Cruiser—Those are kind of amazing, but all I can imagine is someone trying to wear them in sand! The heels would sink right in!

Right now I’m more out of shape than I’ve ever been, so the idea of having some of this extra “me” sucked away is somewhat appealing… though it would probably leave my skin slightly loose, and my muscles would be weirdly underdeveloped, and I think they did studies where they found that the body puts the fat molecules back anyway. Plus, I know if I just get back to running, and stop eating so much sugar, I will be looking and feeling physically better very quickly. Plus plus, I am scared of needles. I don’t think they’d get me under. Or maybe they would, since I’m not in good enough shape to run very far very fast…

Otherwise I really wouldn’t change anything. My main gripe is my morton’s feet—made dance, especially pointe, difficult—but that’s just the way my skeleton is. I like my proportions (I even carry the extra weight pretty evenly), I like my features. I look forward to appearance-aspects of aging… they’re signs to myself that I’ve made it so far.

I’d love the acne on my chin to finally go away—but no plastic surgery fixes chin bacteria, and I’ve read recently I may be prolonging and/or exacerbating the acne with the too-much-sugar I need to back way off of anyway.

… Oops. My answer became an “I need to keep running and eat better” ...

If they had a way of reducing scar tissue, I might ask what they could do about a scar on the lower left side of my lip (mentioned in the other plastic surgery thread). If there was a way to make it less visible, that would be nice. People who don’t know me don’t see it, but my eyes go straight to it. The one advantage of my chin acne is the scar becomes lost in dots.

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Shit yeah. I’d ditch this waddle in a heartbeat.

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@DancingMind Oh I would never wear them to the beach for the reason you just gave….I just want them for casual Friday at work

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There is not enough room for the list of the things that I would have done. Of course, I would only do this with the added promise of no repercussions or problems during or after the surgery.

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I’d see about minimising a small chin scar and then cosmetic dentistry. I don’t have any droops or wrinkles that bother be. I’m reaching 50 looking not too bad for it.

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I would have two things removed. My stomach apron and my arm wings. I’m happy with the rest of me.

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I would probably have a tummy tuck and get my neck tightened.

I heard tummy tuck has an awfully painful recovery.

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A full mouth reconstruction, implants, caps, the works.

Other than tgat , nothing. It’s not that my body doesn’t have areas which could use some help ; I’m just not willing to undergo one iota of a risk for elective surgery which is purely cosmetic.

So, it’s the teeth or nothing. Not really plastic surgery, per se, however, implants are still surgery but definitely worth it.

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@Buttonstc: Implants are great. I have a few and I always recommend them to people as an alternative to root canal or dentures or a bridge.

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Absolutely not! I would never have any surgery that wasn’t deemed necessary.

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I don’t want anything unnecessary.
Just stop when we get there.

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