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Could this runny nose be from the oxygen during my procedure (see details)?

Asked by Mariah (25863points) February 1st, 2016

I had (basically) a colonoscopy today under anesthesia, not intubated or anything but did have an oxygen tube with little nubbies up my nose. Ever since the procedure my nose on the right side has been horribly irritated feeling and has been producing a lot of snot, making it feel like I’m getting a head-cold. I sort of feel like it’s just irritation/dryness from the procedure and not a cold, but I’ve never had irritation so severe from oxygen before. I’m also sneezing a ton.

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Having an oxygen tube inserted into something as sensitive as your nasal airway can be traumatizing to the sensitive tissues in there. Your nose is probably running in an attempt to soothe and lubricate the irritated tissues. Give it a day or two and if it gets any worse call your Doc.

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I’d say either it’s just a little irritated, it gave you an infection, or you are catching a cold.

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I’d say that it is irritated. If you had been intubated you would expect your throat to be a bit sore, so it is logical that a tube in your nose would irritate it and cause it to run. I would second the suggestion to visit your GP if it’s not better in a day or two but take some simple painkillers in the meantime, if you can.

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I was really under the weather for about 36 hours after the procedure but I feel much better today. Definitely not a cold.

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Glad you’re better.

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