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Why does my phone get stuck in a boot cycle?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) February 2nd, 2016

I own an Android DNA.

Couple days ago it did this thing where a prompt popped up saying something like “To restart your phone, keep holding down the power button for 2 seconds.” It wouldn’t let me do anything else. Then the phone turned off and then booted, but then rebooted, and rebooted, and rebooted – and so on. It wouldn’t get past the HTC logo.

Eventually I just kept waiting and pressing the power button and waiting and then it finally stopped.

Now today it happened again. Then it stopped. Then minutes later it did it again. The hell is going on with it? There doesn’t seem to be a particular thing I do to make it stop. I try holding down the power button, other times holding it down with the volume because I heard that works. But then it doesn’t work.

The one thing I noticed is that so far it has happened only when my battery is on the low end, like less than 30%.

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Have you tried anything other than what you have described above? Google may be your friend here.

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My old phone did that. It’s a corrupted OS. Not much you can really do about it. A factory reset might clear it, but more likely you will nee to reflash the firmware.

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Yeah I was trying other things online. None of them worked.

Now it just got really bad.

It stopped rebooting and so I thought that maybe the battery ran out finally or something. I plugged the charger in and nothing happened. No green light. No battery indicator that it’s charging. Tried turning it on again. Absolutely nothing is happening.

About thirty minutes ago as I was pressing buttons to make it stop, some kind of menu popped up, like a boot menu. I tried feverishly to figure out how to select things but then it was like “NOPE” and started rebooting again.


This came out of nowhere.

Is there anything I can do to retrieve data from my phone? Would my computer still detect the phone if I plug it in? I’m gonna try in an hour when I get home. .

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An old phone of mine did that. It needed time – nothing else. I turned it off, left it alone for the night, and it was good as new in the morning. It was fine for two more years.

Fingers crossed for you!

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I ended up just buying a new one. I had this one for like 4 years. It was time to upgrade anyway.

Like a quarter of my stuff was lost but it’s not that big of a deal.

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