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What's a good email provider to use?

Asked by jca (36043points) February 3rd, 2016

I want to start a new email account for an activity tracking band I just bought. I don’t want to use my regular email address.

What’s a good one? It’s only going to be for this account, for the activity tracker.

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How about Gmail? Free and easy to set up… and you can have as many different addresses as you wish. I have several Gmail accounts and use one of them solely for a purpose like the one you describe.

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gmail gmail gmail gmail gmail gmail.

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Did anyone suggest gmail?

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Why hasn’t anyone suggested Gmail yet?

Gmail is best. You can sign up for as many accounts as you wish.

I still can’t believe no one suggested Gmail yet. Geez.

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I use Gmail. It’s a free email service offered by Google. It’s pretty obscure, but you can Google it.

I also have accounts with Yahoo and Microsoft.

But I don’t use them much. Mostly I use them to be familiar with the service, to help people who need help with Yahoo and Microsoft email.

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@jaytkay I had trouble finding google, so I used yahoo first. Seems like the best way to go about it.

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Netscape. .. when it was active. Now I suggest Gmail.

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Odd that nobody else has suggested Gmail yet….

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I use It isn’t free but they are awesome. Google already knows enough about me. I don’t want them up in my email.

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The NSA should offer an email service and cut out the middle man.

Their tagline: “Let us tell you what you think.”

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You can use AOL and get lots of interesting unsolicited emails!

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@XOIIO I had trouble finding google, so I used yahoo first.


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@zenvelo What’s AOL, grandpa?

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Just to go against the crowd: I really don’t like Gmail… I prefer Outlook. Its layout is so clean. Its “sweep” functions make organizing easy—I move something to a different folder once, and future emails/already-sent emails can follow suit. I can forward all my other addresses to the Outlook account, and then send “from” the other accounts while still in the Outlook account. I think I can make as many accounts as I need (honestly I haven’t tried but I don’t see why not), but I don’t need to, because I can make and delete aliases as needed—a separate address to the same inbox. I also really appreciate using Office Online instead of the Google options (because the Google version of Word always messes up formatting/etc. when I inevitably have to download the documents)... if other email addresses have those features, then I guess oops, but I’ve never found them.

But for just a “just need the address” account, for whatever reason I think “Gmail” too.

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@DancingMind I’ve had one there for decades, but their spam filter was sub-par. Then again, Office Online isn’t important to me; I use LibreOffice running from my SSD. It can save in any format I need if I need/want to share.

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@jerv—That’s exactly why I stopped using my yahoo account! But now that I think about it, I haven’t had spam issues on any of my accounts for a while (I have outlook, yahoo, and gmail—probably most people do I guess?)—or at least, it all shows up in the junk folders. Probably the filter algorithms are just better all around? Idk

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My email service is not available to the public at large; one is for attorneys and the other is an edu email through my undergrad alma mater.

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I like the Outlook app that I have on my phone and I use it with a gmail email address. Has anyone else tried gmail? It’s pretty reliable.

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An alternative to gmail would be

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I have gmail and I hate it. On my laptop it stacks my emails by subject. It’s so easy to miss an email. In my phone it isn’t stacked. I don’t know how to fix it in my laptop, I’ve tried.

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@JLeslie How did you even manage that? Seriously, I tried to find a way to change mine from any display other than chronological but couldn’t..

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@jerv It’s always been like that on my iPad and laptop.

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Have you tried the Conversation View setting?

“Conversation View:”
”(sets whether emails of the same topic are grouped together)”

(And maybe you are using Apple’s “Mail” program on the phone and iPad?)

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@JLeslie ~Probably because Google didn’t pay the Apple Tax.

Seriously though, Apple tends to not play nice with anything that wasn’t made outside of their walled garden. That goes double for those that they compete with. Checking the worldwide sales of tablets and smartphones, I’d say Google definitely qualifies as “competition”.

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@jaykay Where do I find the conversation view thingy? On my iPhone it is like regular email chronologically.

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Conversation view is in settings using gmail in a.web browser.

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