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How would you design a super computer If you had unlimited funds?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17696points) February 4th, 2016

Top of the line for everything.

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Design the architecture from the ground up.

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Pretty happy with my current computer that is misc stuff from newegg (Hackintosh). I never wish it was faster except for my internet connection and storage, faster SSD would be nice for boots. But everything as is is pretty much instant for things CPU/GPU bound.

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SSDs instead of spinners are a given. If someone else is paying, I’d get a few terabytes worth instead of bothering with spinners for mass storage. I’m thinking a RAID 60 array for speed and safety, though likely in the closet because the array I’d want would be at least the size of…. well, my closet.

Tool-free case for easy replacement of components, whether for repair or (more likely) upgrade.

A power supply that puts out power so clean you could eat off of it. None of this ±0.05-volt fluctuation that you get with most AC-to-DC conversions; I’m spending the $$$ to get something that puts out 120% pure flat-line DC.

I have misgivings about SoC unless space is really at a premium, so I’d keep the CPU and GPU separate. And RAM would likewise be separate, though I’d probably put enough L1 and L2 cache on the die to choke a horse just because I can.

One thing I would avoid as much as possible is soldered-on components; I’d probably mount the RAM and GPU in the same sort of LGAxxxx socket that CPUs use. Full-on rack-mount blades

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