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Did you join Second Life and leave? Why?

Asked by sierrarancher (20points) July 25th, 2008

I understand that many SL users are active only a short while. I am wondering why they leave. I have been on SL and I find it just keeps getting better.

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I was really into SL last summer. I took time off and went back again but most of the places I went to are not there anymore.

Where is everyone? It seems the only way to find other people is to go to dance clubs. If I wanted that, I would go out in RL.

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I joined only to see what it was like. I walked around for about 45 minutes and then I’d accomplished what I’d intended (see what it was like), so that was the end of that.

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pardon me for not knowing- what is SL?

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I’ve never tried it – doesn’t look very interesting.

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I checked it out then checked out. I have enough trouble keeping up with my first life without adding a second one to it.

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Tried it for about a week. Once the novelty of flying wore off, gave it up. Was dull as dirt unless you happened to strike up a lucky chat with someone over the age of 14.

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I used it a lot, back in the “early days” (like 2 years ago – LOL) but haven’t been back in probably more than a year. Actually, I think it’s totally fascinating. It’s definitely a glimpse at the future Internet. However, I think it’s way too geeky to go mainstream in it’s current form. When someone gets an easy interface to create things in-world, I think it will have a much better chance. As it is it kinds degrades into a slower, more complicated chat application, which holds little interest for me.

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I used it for a while, then stopped, like many other people. The main reason I stopped is because it didn’t really fit into the work flow of my overall day. It wasn’t something I could use at the same time as doing other things. I couldn’t just let it sit in the background while I was doing other things or away from my desk, like Fluther or Facebook.

It wasn’t enough of a destination to really take any time from when I do similar activities, like play WoW or Xbox. It was similar to those things, but not great enough to pull me away.

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