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Do you think you've given or received more lurve?

Asked by girlofscience (7537points) July 25th, 2008

Maybe the mods have these stats – I’m pretty sure they can at least see who gives each other lurve. I honestly have no idea for myself, but I’d estimate that I give about as much lurve as I get. How do you determine when to give someone lurve? I always do so if I find an answer particularly insightful, humorous, witty, or in line with my perspective. Are there certain users you’d never give lurve, no matter how great their response was? Do you get so competitive as to neglect to give someone lurve who deserves it because they have a higher score? Or do you act objectively, doling out lurve when its deserved?

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I always give lurve based on the answer. I have given lurve many times to people I have clashed with in other threads. I often am especially assiduous about giving lurve to new users to encourage them.

If there is one thing I tend to forget, it is to give lurve for Great Questions, but that’s just an oversight, and now that I am aware of it, I try to remember.

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I forget to do it unless I look at an answer and I think, “Man, I wish I’d thought of that first” or if I get a good out-loud chuckle. Neither is very common, so I’m guilty of getting more than giving.

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Received I’m afraid, I better do something about it though.

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@Marina; I just gave you lurve for that lurve-ly answer! (tacky..I know).

I think it’s pretty much equal. I never hesitate to give lurve to any answer or question that makes me chuckle, think, and want to take part in.

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Considering how many users as well as great questions and answers there are on Fluther (the very reason I keep coming here – I’m not here for my posts, I can get my opinion any time ;)), I’m quite certain I’ve given more than I’ve received.
And I never give lurve based on the person, always based on the Q or A – although admittedly there are some users I’ve hardly seen any posts from that I didn’t think were great.

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I always give Lurve if I have learned something.

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Given for sure. Not that I’m not feeling the “lurve” that’s been given to me, but I’m pretty free with it. Sometimes I’ll give lurve for answers to a question that I’m not answering. There’s a lot of questions that I feel have been answered fully or that’d I’d just be repeating someone else, so I just give lurve and leave it be.

I try to give lurve based on the answer and not the person that’s answering. If the answer is good it’s good whether I like the person or not.

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I stopped giving greatanswers to people whose points I had maxed out for a while, but am sort of back on board for a variety of reasons. I also got a lot more conservative about it once I found out moderators could see them—it felt a little invasive.

Nowadays, for really great answers, I like to send a private message full of warm fuzzies.

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Like w’flower, I give lurve a lot for answers I don’t see any need to add my 2 cents to. Like voting Yes.
I like niki’s process and will adopt it – specific pm’s to people
to people I just think have written something spectacular.
This is a Great Question!

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p. s.
“and in the end
the lurve you take
is equal to the lurve
you…. ”
Or not.

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Like nikipedia mentioned, the mods can see who gives whom lurve and though i found that to be creepy initially, i understand why they need to do it (to detect people who create multiple accounts to up their own score). as for the original Q, i have definitely given more lurve than received, and i wouldn’t want it any other way. I enjoy handing out lurve, it’s fun to let someone know you appreciated the time they put in to write a witty/informative quip. There is really no competition, the person with the most lurve does not win a car or something. So I could care less if I was in the top 10 or the top 100.

And like Marina, I am pretty objective with the lurve. There are some people on this site that I tend to disagree with, but whenever I see a answer I agree with/like from them, i make sure to credit it. Also, like niki and susanc said, my favorite part of fluther has to do with the PMs thanking me for an answer rather than the lurve. I like the personal touch and I notice that the people who give the PMs are usually newbies. I remember I used to do that too, but then got lazy and resorted to only lurve. Now I am trying to go back to sending the PMs too :D

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I give much more lurve than i have. Never based on who it is though, just if its a great Q or A .

As far as the whole creepy/invasiveness of mods seeing who your giving lurve to. Why does it bother you? I mean is it really that big of a deal if they know what you marked as great?

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I don’t think the mods seeing who’s receiving my lurve is creepy or invasive (now, if we weren’t talking about GA’s and GQ’s, it’d be a different story all together!) at all. In fact, I kinda wish everyone could see it – I’m way too lazy to do the PM thing but often wish the recipient knew I had GA’d them.

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@wildflower id rather not know who gave me GA’s. Then youd feel like you have to repay them or something for the GA. Plus i dont always want it to be known what im giving lurve to.

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I can understand that point, but I just think it’d be cool if I could ‘tag’ a Q or A as wildflower agrees with this kind of thing. Sheer laziness, I guess.

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I think i’ve definitely given more than I’ve received; I’m very liberal with my lurve.

There are even some users I’m maxed out on, to whom I’ve given so much lurve I can no longer add to their score (this is a huge annoyance, btw).

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I never really thought about it. I’ll have to pay more attention.

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Wow, I had no idea you could max out on giving someone points! What’s the maximum amount of points you can give to someone? And is it over a specific time period, or ever?

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I think it’s ‘ever’ and I think the limit is around 300 points. At this stage there’s several people who’s lurve doesn’t increase anymore when I GA or GQ them…..I still do, though.

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@wildflower, me too, it makes me so sad when their number goes up but the score doesnt!

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Recived. Now that I think ‘bout it, I should probably give out more. Is there a limit to lurve?

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