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How competitive are you?

Asked by jca (36043points) February 6th, 2016

How competitive are you?

At work?

In love/relationships (i.e. competing for someone you like)?

With your possessions (who’s got the bigger and better___)?

When debating?

In any other area of your life you can think of…...

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I am low on the competitive scale. I prefer to get along and have fun and see no reason, ego aside, to feel the need to compete. The most competitive I might get is playing a rousing game of Scrabble over cocktails. haha
I do enjoy lively discussion but not debate, which by it’s very nature signifies a winner and loser. I am invested in learning and sharing not being right and winning.

Probably why I have been self employed most of my life as well, I can’t stand a competitive workplace and the often, backstabbing games that go with it. I consider myself to be a very genuine person and do’;t enjoy being around those that get off on one upmanship.

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Not very.

- relationships: most women are not worth fighting for. And it is disrespectful to the woman to “fight for” her. She’ll make her decision on whether or not she is attracted to me on factors such as intelligence and wit; not on whether she’s the ‘prize’.

- Possessions? not at all. I have what I want and need. I have no jealousy towards what someone else possesses. It just doesn’t matter to me.

- At work? I’m not really competitive against people – more for ideas. I’ll argue for my ideas and approaches, but I won’t argue against Joe or Mike or Dave. I have no internal need to beat them

But note, I’m not 30 years old any more. I’m double that. I’ve learned a lot over my life, and one of the things I learned is that competition doesn’t really matter.

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I’m not the least bit competitive. I’m content with who I am, and I have no interest in besting anyone.

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I bet that I am the most competitive out of anyone who answers this.

bring it

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I see you composing there filmfann, I’m ready

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I am the least competitive person here. I am way more non-competitive than @Coloma, @XOIIO, and @Love_my_doggie. If being non-competitive was a race, I could always win, but I wouldn’t, because I am so non-competitive.

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Not enough, I know that.

I’m a little bit of a story topper and a know-all, but other than that, I don’t have the ambition to be competitive.

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Nu-uh I can be more non-competitive than anyone!

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It depends entirely on the event and the prize.

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I am when I need to be.

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Well, here are my two main rules of driving:

First, if somebody wants the whole road, let him have it.

And second, this one with more general application: Try not to get into arguments with anything bigger than you are. This applies to things like department heads as well as to trucks and trolleys.

There are some games I love to win, and some arguments, but if I lose, I mostly don’t care.

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I hate to admit that, but I’m just too competitive. Mostly I’m competitive with anything to do with school performance. It’s like several races where everyone tries to reach the highest score possible. I have tried too hard to get the highest score in a race, regardless of the process: I may damage my health or my mental state while trying, but I just don’t care. The whole thing has gone on since I was in middle school, with some “contribution” from my parents.

Lately I think of dropping out the race altogether. It’s getting too tiring and the reward is not worth the effort. But I just can’t help feeling bad when I see my score lower than my classmates. Guess the competitive devil has been ingrained in my head.

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In competition…I play to win and @XOIIO you would get used to coming in second!~. But what I strive to do the rest of the time is to have the most interesting experience with my life I can.

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@Cruiser You might play to win, but I live to win.

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@XOIIO While you live to win, I live to just play the game of life every second I can….if you do the same, then we both win!

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There can only be one winner

chk chk

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Quite a bit, though I like the race more than the winning. For example, I like playing games I am not good at, and challenging myself to get better. I have two equally competitive friends, and we love to bet against each other, compete while playing board games, and even taunt each other with our “wins”. With one friend, I have an ongoing game of, “kitchen stuff”. He’ll say, “I have this elaborate dicer in my kitchen. Do you have a dicer?” and I’ll reply, “Not only do I have a dicer…I also have a state-of-the-art cheese grater! Do you even know how to grate cheese?” You had to be there…and yes, we are probably rather annoying to spend time with.

Competition, as long as it is not taken overboard, can be a good thing. For me, it makes life more interesting. It’s a challenge to find others who are equally competitive, hoewever. I would not want to compete with anyone who may hurt themselves (or me) during the race.

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How competitive are you? Not very.

At work? I like a team atmosphere. When I was younger I wanted promotions and to move ahead, so in that way I guess I was competitive, but I didn’t really look at it as winning a new position over someone else. I do care that my hard work and successes are recognized, but I’m not sure that falls under being competitive? I don’t mean formal recognition like awards. I prefer simply that my boss appreciates my work and that upper management is made aware I’m doing well.

In love/relationships (i.e. competing for someone you like)? I’ve never competed in love.

With your possessions (who’s got the bigger and better___)? Not competitive in my mind about this, but I do adjust what I wear and my make-up here and there to fit in with the group I am with at the time, or if I need to ask for something. I like feeling good about my house, so I’ve had some very nice houses, but at the same time I draw a line, because being raised by parents from the Bronx I worry about attracting thieves. Lol. My husband would prefer we have all Mercedes and Porsches, and I continue to talk him into one Honda or Nissan or similar to have to drive. I like to disappear in the crowd/parking lots.

When debating? I guess when debating I’m a little competitive. I’m fine to disagree, but I do want people to understand my point of view.

In any other area of your life you can think of…...

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Very non-competitive. I will debate vigorously, but in defense of ideas, not to show my skill.

When I was younger, I enjoyed playing tennis. I was very mediocre. More than playing a game, I enjoyed hitting the ball back and forth with someone of comparable ability. One of us might say something like, could you keep hitting to my backhand, because I need the practice. There was something more enjoyable in this mutual assistance than in winning a game.

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I’m about a zero on the competitive scale. I prefer being helpful/useful and doing things for my own pleasure, but not too be better than someone else. That’s not to say that I don’t sometimes have a better idea or a better way of doing something, but the point isn’t to be better than someone else, nor to “beat” them.

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